Pleasure on Earth

April 6, 2015

Episode seven is a landmark podcast because it makes for our first husband and wife couple to both have been on the show! You can see Jon’s wife, Vanessa’s, podcast on Friendship & Secret Sin here.


When first thinking through the content of Jon Saunders’ episode, I was wondering, is this really true? I realized how much I have been influenced by un-Biblical thought on what a Christian’s relationship should be with earthly pleasures. Should we feel bad for loving chocolate cake or listening to jazz music?

Jon is the Director of Campus Ministry for Spartan Christian Fellowship on the campus of Michigan State University. He is husband to Vanessa and father to four: Lillian, Eleanor, Henry, and Marion.

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  • Megan

    Hi Rachel,

    I just listened to this episode (sorry, I’m a little behind, but I hope you see this comment!) and really enjoyed it and wanted to recommend the book, “The Things of Earth” by Joe Rigney. It has been incredibly influential for me, it was so thoughtfully logical and practical in application. After reading it I felt totally free to enjoy the things of earth without 1. feeling guilty about it or 2.waiting for God to take it away because I was enjoying it “too much”. I think Jon’s talk is in the same vein as Joe’s book for sure. I didn’t catch if he had written a book or not, but if you’re looking to go more in depth on this topic, The Things of Earth is a great place to start!


    • Rachel Schultz

      I have heard of this book! Thanks Megan.

  • This was great! I loved it!

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