July 20, 2015

After keeping a secret for so long, I am too ready to talk shop about the new house. All of my thoughts can be shared here instead of drowning David with my continual stream of ideas. Let us start at the beginning with everyone’s favorite, a nice “before” tour. Today, we are doing the exterior. Well, it is a colonial. You are probably not surprised since I scarcely stopped talking about how much I loved them. I was open to other looks, but knew a place with this facade was probably going to edge out the competition.

David and I are traditional people and this house just feels like “us.”

Video Notes:
01. Being outside, this video has lots of walking, so you will see some camera shake
02. David wants me to specify the cherry tree is not in “full bloom.” I just meant it was really big and full! I am no botanist.

Near the end of our hunt, there was a mid century ranch we almost bought. Its missing piece was that “us” factor, a place where we felt like ourselves and at home.

EXTERIOR BEFORE from Rachel SchultzEXTERIOR BEFORE from Rachel Schultz-2

The exterior is lovely, but of course there are still lots of things I want to work on. The biggest project will be adding a portico to soften the front entry.

The front yard is much of the plot of land, which makes me toy with the idea of adding a fence so it would be more friendly for kids playing there too. We will have to look up if our neighborhood has any rules for this. (Someone on our street has a chain link in their backyard, though. That makes me think there are probably are not any regulations.)

We love the extra space in the 2 and 1/2 garage and I fell for the charm of the dormers. (I need to fix that those panes are not matching!)

EXTERIOR BEFORE from Rachel Schultz-3

The backyard is more like a side yard because it is narrow and the real side yard is larger. The sunroom is in this area, but you cannot see it from this angle because the bushes are quite overgrown.

Before moving in, David said the single thing he is most excited to do in the house is grilling and eating in the sunroom. Count me in! Not having to spend another summer holiday in our apartment cave will be fantastic.

EXTERIOR BEFORE from Rachel Schultz

The sunroom has two doors, exiting both directions. One leads to the driveway and the other to the side yard. Are you ready for what is in store here?

It is a modest half basketball court. I know it does not look like much, but I am really thankful the house has this. This is not because I plan to shoot hoops often, but because David is completely thrilled.

EXTERIOR BEFORE from Rachel Schultz-4EXTERIOR BEFORE from Rachel Schultz-5

A house with some land was his biggest item on the wish list and when he decided we should not pursue it anymore I hoped we would find something still special for him. The basketball court has completely made up for that and more in his eyes, which makes me a happy wife. It is kind of a basketball court in a forest, which if I had to describe David’s dream activity, it might be playing basketball in a forest.

The next part of the tour will be my favorite – going inside!

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  • I realize this was a while back, but man does this warm my heart! For some reason reading that 2015 was the best year of your life gave me great encouragement. Like, one day we’ll probably be house hunting and will look on that year with fondness, instead of moving from rental to rental every year. Ha! We’ll see. ;) I love your house! It’s beautiful!

    • Rachel Schultz

      That’s Hannah. I found your comment heart warming too!

  • Jordan Lyons

    So much exciting stuff all at once! I’m so excited for you guys and love the house you picked out. One day, I hope to ball with David in the forest.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Jordan! I know he would love that.

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