July 27, 2015

Two and a half years were spent in our 730 square foot, one bedroom apartment. Part of that time had a tiny baby in residence too! We wanted to make this video to remember exactly how it was when we lived here. Like most photographs and videos, at the time it can feel not worth documenting, but then when time passes and you forget the memory as vividly, uncovering the old footage is so special.

I think of all the people in our building, we may be the ones who have lived here the longest. Yep, it was time to go. We filmed this while we were still in the process of closing on our house. This is why I say things like “whatever our next home is like.” So non-committal to the very end!

The apartment was furnished and decorated with a bare minimum budget. (We decided to save more aggresively for a house and live minimally in the mean time.) Most things are not my favorite or the best executed version of what I would choose with more funds, but still a pleasant 28 months.

As ready to go as I am, I have some sort of fondness for this place – thinking of when we brought our baby home from the hospital or hours and hours talking to David and growing together. Okay, I am crying now. Farewell, apartment!

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