August 31, 2015

A common temptation for brand new home owners is to be so thrilled about nesting in their new house (and maybe leaving behind the restrictions of rentals) that they just want to paint, paint, paint every room in a bold color. I think this can be a mistake – a mistake I have made it before! Choosing to not have the kitchen yellow! The living room green! The hallway blue! etc. will do a lot for a house’s sense of continuity and calm.

As boring as it sounds, some good design advice I have learned is to choose mostly muted down neutrals. Then, if there is one room you really want to pop with a saturated or daring color you can go for it.


I am not very good at “editing” while shopping. In the aisle of a store, I can be so emotionally swayed that I lose much ability to critically assess a purchase. Colors of things is the worst! Is this a good teal or bad teal? I never trust my gut and overthink it.

Creating a home color palette has been really helpful. It is handy when shopping and allows me to focus on the colors and materials of the large elements in a space. A house can have different vibes from room to room while still keeping an underlying cohesion with the color scheme.

The palette for our house (in rough order of prominence): is white, medium wood, black, antique brass, emerald, olive, tan leather, mustard, red, and navy. I have to note I hate sage green and it is making an appearance in the photo above. It is a place holder for Martha Stewart’s similar yet, oh so different “Pup Tent” which I could not locate in Home Depot. Do they not sell her paints anymore? Who does?

I am writing a whole separate post about choosing whites. On our first floor, every room will be white except for the family room (black!, as I shared here) and the powder room will probably be a graphic wallpaper.

Lastly, I reserve the right to change everything.

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  • I adore that mustard yellow. LOVE IT! :)

  • Nicole

    Love the caveat. Been there, done that (the mind changing thing). I am loving your blog even more lately since we are (likely) about to embark on tons more DIY projects ourselves! :-)

    • Rachel Schultz

      So fun! Thanks Nicole

  • Jennifer

    I don’t think Home Depot sells her paint anymore (I ran into the same issue when I needed more paint for touching up!), but if you still have the swatch, they can scan the color and match it since it’s still in the database. We did this and it came out nicely. I know you had issues with your living room and it not being black enough, but it might work better with the green since it has a lighter base.

    Good luck!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Jennifer. It is odd they don’t have her paint anymore since they carry so many of her other products.

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