September 1, 2015

There is a lot to do on the exterior. I really love it, and it was one of the house’s selling points, but there are still several tweaks (well, some more than tweaks) we would like to make.

EXTERIOR BEFORE from Rachel Schultz

The biggest project is building a portico, which is probably on a next summer or the summer after timeline. There are lots of easier and inexpensive projects to work on until then.

  1. Weed flowerbeds
  2. Remove bushes
  3. Plant new, smaller bushes
  4. Spruce up mailbox
  5. Paint shutters and garage trim
  6. Paint front door
  7. Build portico
  8. Replace house numbers
  9. Replace light fixtures
  10. Re-key locks
  11. Trim trees back from roof
  12. Improve grading around house
  13. Repaint basketball court
  14. Fix basketball hoop
  15. Build window boxes
  16. Replace paths with brick
  17. Fix dormer pane
  18. Add fence (maybe!)

EXTERIOR BEFORE from Rachel Schultz-2 EXTERIOR BEFORE from Rachel Schultz-4

The other day when I was on a walk with baby I had to double take at our house. The weeds have become so bad, far worse than the above pictures (and they were already rough then.) With winter coming, I do not have much emphasis on exterior tasks, but I am starting to feel like we are being cruel to our neighbors with how out of hand our landscaping is. We are not dead beats! We are busy working on the inside!

It can be hard to prioritize the outside of the home when the interior has much more impact on daily life. And yet, I plan to do a red on the front door and have half a mind to paint it before Christmas. It is a totally an indulgent, cosmetic project, but I cannot really help myself. For people with red front doors, Christmas is one of the best times of the year to appreciate it. (Summer and Fourth of July are fun too. Really, red doors are just lovely year-round.)

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