September 8, 2015

When we were house hunting, we very seriously considered a home with three full bathrooms. While our house has only two and a half, I actually prefer its set up. In the home we did not choose, two of the full bathrooms were in the master and guest suite and then the third was another full for the kids.

Yes, it had more showers available, but it I think having a quaint little half bath for guests is handy and convenient. Maybe disproportionately, I just love having this powder room. When guests are over and have to go to the bathroom I do not have to scramble to put away my makeup and curling iron.

FIRST FLOOR BEFORE from Rachel Schultz-3

The sink unit is way too large for what this space needs, but it is low on our list to rip out because it will necessitate having to re-do tile and wall paper at the same time. Also, I shared previously that David really digs this wallpaper, so neither of us are itching to get it out. This is what we do hope to do for it, eventually.

  1. Replace sink with pedestal or wall mount
  2. Paint or re-wallpaper
  3. Lay tile
  4. Remove soffit
  5. Replace toilet seat (if you look closely you can see it overhangs and is not the right size)
  6. Accessorize and change towel bar

At first, it might seem odd to want to trash all the storage space the sink area offers, but it is just not needed for a bathroom of this function. Having it gone will make it much more comfortable to move around in and all we need is a spot to store some extra toilet paper. (There is a medicine cabinet on the wall to the left of the sink too.)

I love the mirror, but it and the wallpaper together is a bit overly ornate. I would like either of them apart from each other combined with something a little more clean lined.

To me, half bathrooms are a fun place to go a little more bold decoratively. They are like a tiny, hidden room that could be a bit of a style departure from the rest of the house.

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