September 22, 2015

We are those pesky people who have not found out the gender of our babies in advance. Right now, I feel for future babies I would like to know beforehand because once you start having to finagle bedrooms, it is useful to know if a boy or girl is coming your way.

If only considering his preference, David would of found out about Baby No. 2 at the ultrasound. He kindly allowed for my wishes to be granted (typical). Maybe when I get to experience the moment again where he or she is born and David says, “it’s a…!” I will be glad we waited. While I am trying to think about preparing bedrooms, not so much.

THE GIRLS' ROOM PLANS from Rachel Schultz

There are two guesses for the future I have elected to operate with because, well, I need to just go with something. First, that we will have at least one girl at some point. (I am not really assuming this, but when envisioning bedrooms it is safe to consider.)

The second guess is probably more daring, and that is that we will have more boys than girls. I know, this is a big guess, but I have bedrooms to organize! One is larger (15 x 12.5) and one is smaller (10 x 12.5) and I need to pick. I already have a boy and David comes from a family of all sons, so we are calling the big bedroom the boys’ and the small one the girls’.

  1. Clean and organize (it is the current catch-all room)
  2. Lay wood floors
  3. Replace light fixture
  4. Paint walls
  5. Create dresser storage and maybe second changing table (do I need that?)
  6. Comfy upholstered rocking chair
  7. Additional crib and mattress
  8. Rug, accessories, artwork

THE GIRLS' ROOM PLANS from Rachel Schultz-2

For the time being, I will keep both bedrooms slightly gender neutral. If our second is a boy, the boys’ room can go more full on.

If Baby No. 2 is a girl, then I would like to have the boys’ bedroom stay at least a little neutral because he and she will probably share it when, Lord willing, Baby No. 3 joins us one day and goes into the small bedroom.

Juggling babies and bedrooms – what a blessing.

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  • Sara

    We have two girls and a boy. Never found out with any of them – and I agree, hearing my husband say “it’s a …” three times was the very best. All three of ours share a room – for now. And it works great.
    Good luck!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thank you Sara!

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