October 8, 2015

This room gets called either the “girls’ room” or “nursery” which is humorous as after this baby is born our daughter count may still be at exactly zero. I am just preparing for the possibility one day we will have greater than or equal to one girl and greater than or equal to one boy and they will all need some bedrooms. As the current catch all of the second floor, we needed to show the nursery some love. After making huge progress on the hardwoods, we were ready to get to work on it in order to be ready for Baby No. 2 sooner rather than later.

We cleaned and purged and sorted and though it is pretty barren, our little nursery is suitable for a baby to inhabit it. Although it looked like chaos before, once it was organized more thoughtfully the things were able to take up much less space (as it always goes).

Most of it is now in the guest room, which is similarly not decorated or ideally furnished, but clean and functional for a guest.


We are leaving these spaces intentionally not done so we can see how children numbers and genders unfold.

The closet is empty. Well, not empty, but permanently closed. It is empty of baby things and actually full of the scrap wood from the first level flooring.  Both children’s rooms have big closets in them. Neither of them really need a closet as all of a newborn’s clothing can fit in like, a tiny basket or something. We just use a dresser in Nursery No. 1 to house everyone’s clothes. (Everyone who is a baby, that is.)

Recently, I almost bought a love seat on craigslist to replace the one in our living room. That would have bumped the old one up here and I am now missing the idea of having a comfy couch to throw myself on in middle of the night feedings. If we get desperate enough maybe we will bring it up anyway.

You can see I left an empty space on the chalkboard for baby’s name between “welcome home” and “we love you.” I cannot wait to fill it in!

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