November 3, 2015

The space with the least vision is the dining room. Although other areas are equally less done, I at least feel I have a vision for where I hope to take them.

DINING ROOM LIGHT BULBS from Rachel Schultz 3

A dining room’s furnishings are more pre-determined than other rooms, so while of course I will refinish the table and find better chairs I am left feeling like “…and then what?” What will give this room a quirk, touch of whimsy, or some soul to it?

What I have so far is painting the ceiling a surprising color and adding a medallion around the chandelier. From there, I will try and let a cool piece art piece at an antique store or a surprising fabric for a window treatment jump out at me to give this space something special.

  1. Paint ceiling
  2. Install chandelier medallion
  3. Window treatments
  4. Lay wood floors
  5. Art & accessories (per yesterday, do I want a rug?)
  6. Refurbish table
  7. Replace chandelier bulbs
  8. Find eight chairs

If anything, I may have this room be a touch of folksy. It has to be comfortable. And inviting. And casual to a degree. We are, after all, trying to be conducive to long family and friends chats around the table.

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  • Saralee Howard

    Rachel….maybe the dining room needs a theme, a visual theme. Do you have a favorite color or a favorite fruit or something you love like. The Tree of Life or pomegranates or rabbits. Then you can match palette with object and let theme pick objects….my mom,an animal lover and interior decorator to the max, had a stunning kitchen with green cupboards, Portugese tiles with rabbits on them, a late 19th century still life of a cabbage, and very fun and contemporary rabbit wall paper. It was fabulous and memorable…it was eclectic yet tied together by rabbit theme.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Love it! Thanks Saralee

  • Hannah Sneed

    Baby! I just want to know about the baby!!!!! ;)

  • Nicole

    Just a thought…not a huge fan of a carpet in the dining room especially with children. Have you thought of maybe using some canvas, painting it, and using it as a floor covering? That way you get the visual break of a rug without the hassle of cleaning food off a rug…

    • Rachel Schultz

      I have seen ideas like that on pinterest before!

  • This room sounds so fun, can’t wait to see the finished product! I love the hardwoods!!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Lindsey. It was all Dave!

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