November 12, 2015

We have a very strange front door. The back is a nice, paneled normal door people would have at the front of their house. The front, however, I believe to be essentially a piece of plywood. It is as if at some point someone slapped the plywood over the front panels. Perhaps there was damage needing to be covered. I really do not know. The makeshift condition of it has made me free and loose with working on it. (Ideally, I could always decorate so fearlessly, but alas, I am both budget conscious and a worrier.)

David and I really like the charm of a red front door. Picking up some bright paint was the only thing standing between us and a normal Christmas season versus a WE-HAVE-A-FESTIVE-RED-DOOR Christmas season. (The door is staying year-round, though. I love it always.)

A RED FRONT DOOR from Rachel Schultz

Since this was not a piece whose condition and integrity I needed to preserve, I had the audacity to only buy a test pot of the color and see if I could get good coverage with it alone. (This would make the project less than $5.)

I half-heartedly asked paint counter man if I could get my test pot in exterior paint to which he said something about it being an “interior-exterior hybrid” that I would normally not let fly for a minute. But this is me rolling with the punches! Who knows what type of paint I put up here! So carefree.

I did four-ish coats, but the last ones got pretty scrappy. I used every drop in that test pot and the coverage is not perfect. Red is unforgiving in that way and also I was, again, paint something slightly nicer than a roughed up piece of plywood. This color is Glidden Red Geranium.

A RED FRONT DOOR from Rachel Schultz

The house has a lot more personality with this. I might prefer the tone to be a hair darker. If we do a second test pot for better coverage I may go with my (darker) second favorite, Behr Firecracker. Overall, I hope the brightness will distract from the horrible bushes we need to pull out.

I have been referring to it as the “jewel of the neighborhood” which David says needs to stop.

Happy Autumn! Happy Christmas (soon)!

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  • fifi franco


  • Nicole

    The red door looks amazing! Plus it will look fantastic with your Christmas decorations!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Nicole. I’m a wait until after thanksgiving person for christmas decorations, but now I’m really wanting to!

  • The red door looks great! I love it!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Jennifer.

  • Sarah

    what an odd door! But I would have done exactly what you did! It looks beautiful!

    • Rachel Schultz

      I know it! So odd

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