November 30, 2015
Rachel Schultz

Choosing the white paint for our house has been the most obnoxious thing I have had to do yet. I wanted something that looked pure, bright white, but some factors (wood floor tone, low light in certain rooms) made me overthink it a lot. Also, I wanted a color that would work for everything in every room – walls, trim, and ceiling. Where we left off, I was deciding between Valspar Four Winds and, a new contendor, Behr Falling Snow (not pictured).

Well, those have both been ditched. (Ha!)

OUR HOUSE'S WHITE from Rachel Schultz

I took a lesson from picking paint for the living room and settled that if I wanted a pure white, I should… pick a pure white. For the living room, I was going for a soft black, but I feared it would be too much on the walls so I went with a lighter gray and it turned out not intense enough for what I want. With the white, I was kind of doing the same thing. I want a true, white-white, but for some reason I feared the purest whites would be harsh so I was considering warmer ones.


Okay! That is it! I am getting Behr Ultra Pure White and that settles it.

Then, I saw this tour of Morgan Trinker’s home and I loved her white – Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace.

I have a huge itch to paint, so I need to just pick the stupid white. (Not helping that I was polling each friend who came by our house when our daughter was born and everybody gave different answers.) Also, my nice friend was coming to help me paint in a few days, the perfect deadline to make me commit on something.

I packed up the babies and drove to Home Depot, still not sure what my choice would be. I would take a look at the swatch of Chantilly Lace compared to Ultra Pure and if I thought it would be nice I would go for it. The huge lingering problem was Home Depot does not carry Benjamin Moore paints, so if I chose Chantilly Lace, I would have to encounter my nemesis, the color match machine.

When I saw Chantilly Lace in person it looked really blue. It is remarkable how different paints can look from house to house. In that home tour above, I loved it. In our house with lots of low light, that would not fly. Behr Ultra Pure White in eggshell, here we go. Any guesses which room we will paint first?

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