December 1, 2015

A tidy garage is one of my favorite images to come across on pinterest. I love ones that are well organized, clean, and functional, probably because things like junk drawers (and room sized equivalents) grate on my very nature.

THE GARAGE PLANS from Rachel Schultz

When we first moved in, I had some decisions to make about our mudroom. With where it is located, it could either take on more of a kitchen and dining feel, or stay mudroom. Torn, and loving the perks of both versions, a friend suggested I could have my cake and eat it by transforming the garage into more of an outdoor mudroom. Yes, perfect.

While the garage will have some mudroom features with cubbies, lockers, and shoe storage, it also has to have adequate facilities for all our tools and normal garage-y stuff. Oh yes, and cars. Do not forget the cars.

  1. Mega-cleaning session
  2. Built in lockers
  3. Add cabinetry
  4. Storage for tools and landscaping materials (I like pegboards for this)
  5. Fresh coat of paint
  6. Paint the door
  7. Paint the floor!

Plus, our garage has really nice lighting with two windows. Bonus!

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  • Carol

    Hello Rachel,

    I randomly came across your site while searching the internet for a shell chandelier. The moment I opened your site, I knew it was meant to be. I love all your ideas, and especially love the fact that you govern all that you do with conviction and a strong personal faith. I will surely visit again. Great Job !!

    Carol (St. John’s, Newfoundlan)

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thank you Carol!

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