December 10, 2015

One of the many reasons I love colonials is for the look of wreaths hanging in the windows at Christmas time. (Home Alone, anyone?) While we are building our stash, we have just the Christmas basics for the house this year. These wreaths still had to happen. (Other than this I am doing a few garlands on the mantel and kitchen window. And of course the Christmas tree. Oh, and mistletoe!) I expected hanging the exterior wreaths would be complicated and involve a ladder up to the second floor, but it was quite simple and we finished it all during nap time.

The wreaths fit through the window from the inside, so no ladder work was required. David being up there stresses me terribly.

The process was simply threading the ribbon through the wreath and tying a knot at the end. Then, closing the window on the ribbon with the knot on the interior holds them in place. I like leaving a little extra ribbon past the knot so there is a some hanging decoratively on the inside too.


Positioning them in the right spot involved a lot of walking in and outside and miming directions up to the second floor. While I started by hanging them directly in the center (left), we ultimately preferred them a little lower, about 2/3 of the way down (right).

Please disregard how badly our siding needs a power washing. The staining was unveiled when we ripped out a bunch of shrubs.

Immediately after yesterday’s post about the master bathroom and how we do not go in there, we had enter to hang a wreath! Being in it inspired us once again to finally get the carpet up, so following the completion of our Friday-after-Thanksgiving decorating we may or may not have gotten to it. Details forthcoming.

I will be watching to see how the ribbon holds up against the elements. If it starts fraying I guess I will need to locate some special exterior ribbon. Does that exist? While we were hanging the final wreath I saw our neighbor eyeing them and smiling. Christmas cheer spread to all.

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  • Christine

    Looks great! Adds to your curb appeal during the holiday season.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Christine!

  • wendy

    I do this every year. I replace the ribbons(I also put new bows on the wreaths) every year, as mine get very faded in the sun. Just cut all your hanging ribbons the same length, and you eliminate the guesswork, and having to run outside to check them.

    I don’t do the knot, but thumbtack the ribbon onto the window frame inside. They hold up beautifully!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Good tips. Thanks Wendy!

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