January 11, 2016

There are a couple painting updates I need to log. The dining room was second in line for uniforming the white throughout the house. It got a coat of ultra pure white just like the kitchen.

I did not take the paint all the way up to the ceiling because we are painting the ceiling a bold color and will be adding crown molding. Less painters tape sounds good to me. Perhaps one day I will excel to the greatness of being able to freehand trim.

I continue to be entirely shocked by the amount of coats of paint it is taking to get coverage on the walls in this house. This room has two coats and it definitely needs a third. With painting a light color onto a light color! I do not understand.

PAINTING THE DINING ROOM from Rachel Schultz 2

Before you say it looks the same, well, that may be true. But, I promise it is a fresher white than the previous one. It is when you roll the new coat out over the old color that you can really tell.

See? Was that not entirely flesh colored? Not a real white at all.


One Direction was playing for the entirety of my painting session. David was nowhere to be found.

The second update is, as predicted, I took the shade of the front door down a notch. It is another one whose difference is subtle, but from the street it is a lot better. The hue is red with more depth and less pink-y.


I struggle because I love how the red door looks from the outside, but I am trying to decrease red indoors. Actually, it is on the blacklist. No more red in the Schultz home. I am off of it. So yeah, I avoid leaving our door open.

Maybe this means I should let the red door dream die and do a different color. Still, for curb appeal I like it so, so much. My second choice is an army or olive green. I will toss the idea around with the husband and see where he lands on it.

Finishing the painting on the first floor is a big milestone I am looking forward to. At the end of 2015, we sat down and made a big schedule of which month we were going to tackle each of our house projects for the year. As a planner and DIY-er, this exercise was my favorite thing like, ever. The month I am most excited about is March because it includes having the whole first floor painted and stripping the wallpaper in the entryway. I love entryways – favorite room in a house hands down. Come soon, March!

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  • kee

    I say keep the red front door if it makes you happy from the street. i have my front door a bright blue and just adore it. The entire inside of my house is very muted. i’m not a color person … but my front door? YES!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yes, the exterior is kind of its own animal.

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