January 18, 2016

For Christmas I asked for an arm full of books and this new friend – a paint sprayer! I probably need a permit to open carry this.

My New Paint Sprayer from Rachle Schultz 2

Giving gifts is my favorite thing. Not that anybody does not like presents, but if you prescribe to the “five love languages” silliness then you would probably say my “love language” is gifts. I work pretty much the entire year collecting ideas for the Christmas list of our family because I so enjoy it. David puts essentially no thought into a wish list and lets me come up with what he wants for him. (I think that means I do a good job?)

This Christmas was of course our first year in the house, so I kind of want/need anything. David’s mom was asking for our list and I had everyone else’s ready on lock and for me I was still wavering. It is not that there is not anything I want; it is that there are so many things I want. My friends were telling me they sometimes have a hard time coming up with anything to ask for on Christmas. They must be a lot less materialistic than me.

I scrapped anything decorative for the house because I am opinionated and would want to pick purchases like that out on my own. Expanding our limited, but growing power tool department seemed like the best idea, so I requested this spray gun. It has top notch reviews on amazon. When I asked for it, I think it was about $50, but now I see it it is down even lower to $33.

My New Paint Sprayer from Rachle Schultz

The most appealing feature to me is the paint is stored in regular mason jars, so swapping colors is very easy. It uses the same air compressor as our nail gun. Actually, our compressor is a lot more heavy duty than what you would even have to use for it. Cleaning paint brushes and rollers is probably the lamest like, ever. Although our trial run with it has yet to begin, I have heard clean up with paint sprayers is actually faster.

The first project I will probably use this weapon on is painting all the dirty polished brass door knobs in our house. Also, all of our closet doors are shuttered bi-folds (yuck), so when I paint ones I cannot yet replace, the sprayer will be much better than brushing the shutter parts.

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