February 15, 2016

Every year I celebrate my blog’s birthday by taking one week to talk less about homemaking and do a little sharing and reflection about the business of blogging. At the bottom of this post you will see the blog birthdays tag. By clicking there (or that link I just posted) you can find all the posts from years prior about income sources, traffic, and if I dare to be so bold, some tips.

Today’s post is the annual numbers and statistics report where I have too much fun making color coded pie graphs.

Year Four

There were two significant changes in our income streams this year. Last year I wrote about implementing a technique called “waterfalling” with my advertisements. It layers ads so my website is programmed to check a series of networks in order from highest to lowest paying to choose what ad to display. The strategy was successful, but to be optimized it requires significant hands-on tracking and tweaking. For that reason, this year I signed on with a company called AdThrive who manages the ad layering for me. They came on in only the last quarter of the year, so next year their piece of the pie will be much larger.

The second income related change is that big mustard yellow piece of the graph for book publishing. That was fun.

Income Graphic

I am pleased to see the “other” portion of my traffic pie continues to be the largest. That means the success of the blog continues to become less dependent on big viral posts which is the goal.

Big viral posts are still neat, though. Old Fashioned Pancakes and Brown Sugar Spiced Roasted Chicken are the newcomers to the Top Five winner’s circle.

Traffic Graphic

That my life looks a lot different than it did a year ago is the content for the remaining posts this week. We will have our “day in the life” tradition and some thoughts on the future direction of the blog.

To see all birthday posts from the past, you can click here.

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