February 16, 2016

Since it is Year Four of the blog you can expect to hear about how I will be competing in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. Okay, no. I do, however, have our annual day in the life post.

Do people find this interesting? I think the best blogging is individuals writing about what they would (to an extent) if no one was reading. When people start changing to do what they perceive their audience wants, or what gets hits, or what will make more money, it seems blogging at its best is lost. I hope you like these day in the life posts, but for myself I love having them to look back on.

Year Four

I am so into making pie charts I am extending the ones from yesterday into today as well. Approximating how my workday breaks down is a little difficult as it is tricky to account for multi-tasking. This year there are two babies whereas 365 days ago we had but one. I have found the jump to two to be not very difficult and certainly not as life altering as the jump from zero to one. I love having babies and want to have 10,000 more.

A much bigger change to my schedule was owning a home and publishing the book. Having more square feet to manage takes that much more time and you lose all the little maintenance perks of renting. And a book, well that took over my life, but is now done-ish.

Workday Graphic

Reflecting on my daily schedule, one habit I do not particularly like is that when I wake up and lay in bed for a bit I most likely start checking social media. I cannot seem to stop. A habit I love is our hymn of the month. I sing the same one each morning with the kids. (But do not let this make you think my voice is good!) Right now it is A Mighty Fortress is Our God. Hopefully this is good for their little minds, but I also do it for myself because I want to have more hymns memorized so when I am old and fading the only lyrics seared in my memory are not the pagan garbage I used to listen to.

When the babies are napping I switch into work mode with a fierce speed and intensity. This is two hours of solid work and I hope to get so much done that I strategize so as to not have to stop for any reason. Lately, this time was working on the book which was an enormous administrative and creative undertaking with cooking, shooting and editing photos, organizing recipe testers, and writing.

The hardest part of my day is when the babies wake up at the same time and both need to be fed. (It also usually corresponds with when mom needs to be fed.) I always hope that they wake up a bit staggered. The best part of the day? That is when dad gets home. In the evenings after the babies are fast asleep, we might work on a house project, watch a movie, talk, read, (I shower if that has not happened yet), edit something for the book, have a social event, bake a recipe to photograph the next day, etc.

We have one more blog-y post for the week! To see all birthday posts from the past, you can click here.

My New Cookbook



  • I love that you have a hymn of the month that you sing to your babies! That is a genius idea. Totally stealing that for when I have littles in the future. :)

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