February 18, 2016

Every year I celebrate my blog’s birthday by taking one week to talk less about homemaking and do a little sharing and reflection about the business of blogging. At the bottom of this post you will see the blog birthdays tag. By clicking there (or that link I just posted) you can find all the posts from years prior about income sources, traffic, and if I dare to be so bold, some tips.

My life has changed a lot in the past year. We own a home, I have twice as many children, and opportunities in book publishing have unfolded.

The question pertinent to this post is: what does that mean for the blog?


A slight rebranding occurred over the past few months. We have a new logo in the header (much better!) and it emphasizes the “homemaking” direction. It would not be a full enough characterization to only call this a food blog. The term “lifestyle” blog is annoying. My about page says this:

It is a life well spent to be a good and kind wife. I want to work hard to make my home beautiful and to be a hospitable family, where people can stop by and feel loved. Simple treats like lighting a nice-smelling candle, or making good food, or sitting with a soft pillow over conversation gives people a glimpse of the sweetness of the goodness of God. In a paragraph, that is what my blog and life are about.

A homemaking blog is the perfect description to capture what this internet space is. There is decorating. There is cooking. And, there is the theological “why” of all of it peppered in through various means.

Okay, so we will address what is evolving going forward. First, recipes took a hiatus while I wrote the cookbook. The cookbook is undoubtedly my best work yet in recipe writing and photography. When I look at my recipe index, the last recipe I shared was in the summer and my skills have grown hugely in the process of writing this book. I am eager to post more recipes so the latest material reflects where my content is now. You can expect recipes to return as 20-30% of the posts, so one about every week or two.

What will the other posts be? Lots of decorating and renovating. That is my passion and writing those posts comes easily for me. Working on a home is a lifelong dream and something I knew I wanted to one day blog about. That will be 60-70% of content, so about two posts a week.

Then, there are the other miscellaneous posts, namely book reviews and the podcast. Book review posts are being retired, but I will keep the “currently reading” space on my sidebar so you can still know some recommendations from me. I feel the post themselves did not offer much more than just sharing the title in the sidebar does.

The podcast is still around, but I am working on making it more sustainable. There is a project in the works that I am really jazzed about possibly starting that could replace it, but I should not say more at this time. So, the podcast is in limbo a little bit.

And finally, book publishing. With doing this book, traditional publishing is something I like so far and plan to do more in the future. I do not expect that endeavor will change the attention devoted to the blog for the viewer in any real way. Blogging about home life is something I like enough that I would do it as a hobby, even for no money or no audience. (Although those two definitely keep it more regular. So thank you!)

My New Cookbook


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  • Robin

    I’m excited for your new recipe posts and I am really interested in your house projects!
    I would love to see a post about what you feed your toddler. I have a picky-eater toddler and am always interested in what others are doing :)

    • Rachel Schultz

      Good idea! I may do this.

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