February 22, 2016

After some experimentation, I decided on black knobs and pulls for our kitchen. Plain bin pulls are sort of boring, played out, “basic,” etc. I found these at Home Depot that were not distracting, but had a little interest in the design. I rarely remember to check the measurements when I am buying hardware. Thankfully this time I did, but only to find they were not the correct size.

Wayfair Pulls

I needed 3″ and found these in 2.75″ from many sources. Finally, I three inchers on this listing at Wayfair. That clearly says three inches, right? Well, I bought them. They shipped. They arrive. They were not three inches. Another 2.75″. That was really annoying, and now glancing at the listing to write this post I see that in the product info they have 4.25″ listed. They have two contradictory width measurements, both of which are wrong!

They gave me my money back. With a lot of searching I could locate nothing that was not-your-average-pull for under $5. I resigned to just use some really basic pulls and add interest in other elements in the kitchen. Now, my task was just to find them for the lowest price and Amazon had them for $2.40. With hardware, Home Depot and Lowe’s usually have significantly higher prices than what you can find on the internet.

THE KITCHEN HARDWARE from Rachel Schultz 2THE KITCHEN HARDWARE from Rachel Schultz

The simple pulls do not bother me and they were 50% under budget. Whenever one thing improves in a room, the elements that are wrong stand out more. Bothering me most about the kitchen now are the backsplash and the horrid light fixture. Forward progress, yes we can.

PS: The longer I live with the cream cabinets, the more I am not okay with them not being a pure white. Also, I think the wall color is too true white. We will meet in the middle on both.

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  • Chris

    I do agree with you about the cream colored cabinets…it almost gives the white items in the room a bluish tint. Whites are so difficult to decide upon as there are a million of them! When we’ve been faced with using some tint of white, we usually opt for a bone color rather than an ivory. It seems to blend with almost any other shade of white because ivory reads “yellow”. The pull handles you installed are really nice! You have a nice kitchen – love the stools.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Chris. I don’t like real yellow-y whites either. And this one is too harsh white. I think I am going to use a different one going forward, Valspar Four Winds.

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