February 25, 2016

On New Year’s when David had the day off we were talking about renovation plans and made a month by month goal list for 2016. A detailed schedule? Of house projects? Why, those are my two favorite things.

We did next to nothing on the house for five months (baby + cookbook), so I am out of my mind exciting to make forward progress again.

House Cover Photo from Rachel Schultz


Install entryway door
Dispose of carpet (still laying around from office and dining room!)
New kitchen hardware
Finish wood putty
Install smoke detectors


Lay hardwoods in living room
Finish cookbook


Paint living room
Install picture rail in living room
Strip entryway wallpaper
Paint entryway
Slipper chairs for living room (2)
Rug for living room
Prune apple tree
Paint second floor landing
Mount TV


Paint sunroom floor
Build sunroom table and chairs
Install sunroom lighting
Grill for sunroom
Fix mailbox (if only our mailman read my blog, he would know help is near)
Strip kids and guest bathroom wallpaper
Paint kids and guest bathroom
Finish ripping out shrubs
Plant grass
Power wash exterior siding
Refurbish basketball court


King bed for master (move queen to guest room)
Concrete counters in kitchen
Concrete counters in kids and guest bathroom
Paint kitchen backsplash
Trim trees
Improve grade
Remove stair carpet (and find out what is under it!)


Lay hardwoods in second floor landing
Lay hardwoods in master bedroom


Lay hardwoods in guest bedroom
Lay hardwoods in girls room


Lay hardwoods in boys room


Remove basement carpet
Paint basement floors
Paint basement walls
Remove basement ceiling tiles
Paint basement ceiling
Dispose of old freezer in basement (left by previous owners, long story)


Install shiplap in office
Paint office
Build desk in office

We stopped at October because that covered things on our mind and seemed like far enough out that we should reassess what we want next from there. (My vote would be to gut the master bathroom!) David says his favorite month’s projects is April. Mine is March because those tasks seem most transforming of main traffic spaces.

Do we seem ambitious? We are being a little more aggressive with our goals in the Spring in order to have some things done by David’s brother’s wedding in May.

My New Cookbook



  • Lisa

    I started following your blog for the recipes (so excited to hear there will be new food posts, by the way!) and much to my surprise, found myself with a new house to rehab at almost the same time your posts changed over to the same. I love your renovation schedule — I have a list of things that need to be done by room but didn’t think to add a timeline. I will be mocking one up promptly :) Look forward to reading more, thanks for writing us!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great, Lisa. Yes, I found a chronological list more helpful than a room by room list. Especially for that feeling when everything needs to be worked on!

  • Jill

    I can’t wait to follow along on the progress! You have inspired me to refinish a table I just want to get rid of…also I am googling shiplap (what is it and why is everyone talking about it?)

    • Rachel Schultz

      You would like it! It has been around a long time, but Joanna Gaines on Fixer Upper made it a trend.

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