March 7, 2016

David and I are total, almost excessive, savers. We have line items in our budget for purchases we are working toward. Then we have the money ready and waiting for a while and forget to actually spend it. It is not that I am not materialistic. We just like to be frugal and conservative and forget that the point of a budget is so you can like, spend the money once it is available.

Such a situation occurred when the $350 we set aside for two new chairs in the living room was wholly ignored. This money is waiting! Why am I not buying? I have no reason. I started shopping.

(Shopping. I sort of like it. I sort of agonize over it. Taking the babies out is a lot of work and very inefficient compared to world wide web-ing it. But then staring at the computer for an hour with a million windows opens makes me dizzy.)

There is an epidemic of ugly color options in retail. Why do the people making these decisions not have the right eyeballs to choose good colors? I slaved over trying to find a baby girl headband that was not pastel pink or that magenta (you know the one). For furniture, most places have chocolate brown (NEVER DO CHOCOLATE BROWN ANYTHING), light gray, dark gray (I do not like decorating with gray), a horrible teal, ten shades of white and ivory, and then probably the Hobby Lobby Color Palette of butter yellow, sage green, and burgundy. (I just knocked Hobby Lobby, but I seriously, seriously love it there are they have a remarkable mix of terrible and amazing things all tossed together.)

The two chairs I found and considered were the Wildon Tufted Side Chair (left) and the Threshold Tufted Slipper Chair (right).

Armless Chairs from Rachel Schultz

For some perspective I went and bought the Threshold one (at Target) so I could test drive it for proportions and comfort. I really fell in love with it and reading that the Wildon was shorter and wider eliminated it. BUT RACHEL YOU SAID YOU DO NOT LIKE DECORATING WITH GRAY. I do not, astute reader. And that is why I was still dilemma-ed with no good colors. Unsatisfied, I redoubled my efforts to find a tufted, armless slipper chair and had another marathon shopping online. Again, feeling nauseous as too long staring unblinkingly at the computer will do to you, I left defeated with no new prospects.

Then I noticed the Target chair went on sale for President’s Day down from $199 to $160 PLUS a promo code for an additional 10% off. I had not found anything better and I really like this chair, so I am just going to have to make one of the horrible options work. Happy President’s Day, indeed.

The color options were first, what else, chocolate brown. A demonic “citron.” A cream, that would be bad for the dark walls in this room. Light gray, dark gray, “leisure blue,” pink (please no), and of course, teal. I could make a very subtle light blue work, so leisure blue was looking like the best option, although it was not all that subtle and thankfully (looking back) it was out of stock.

I had to do it. To lock in the low price before the sale ended I bought the light gray. At least I could return it if it was insurmountable when it arrived.

Joyous news! I love the shade of gray. It has pretty good contrast in the threading which helps it not look cheap like flat light grays. And get this, in person IT is a subtle pale blue.


It brings better seating and rounds out the space. And to come full circle, it kept me $50 under budget.

Do you see the peek of the wood floors? They are finished!

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  • Oh, beautiful beautiful chairs!!! :)

  • Chris

    These chairs are so pretty! They almost look as though they have a chambray look. To me, they have a look of casual elegance – the simplicity is just perfect. I’m not a big fan of what I term too foo-foo and these are what I’d pick for myself – not too fancy but very classy.

    • Rachel Schultz

      I agree!

  • Those chairs look so beautiful in there. Please don’t ever stop with your home posts. No matter how trivial you think they might be, post it. They always give me great insight into the details of home design, and they are just fun to read. :) Thanks.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Judy!

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