March 21, 2016

Choosing a white paint for our interiors has included me passing through all five grief stages. I agonized and then settled on Behr’s Ultra Pure White. It is up in the kitchen and dining room and as much as I hate the wasted(ish) work I need to cut my losses and redirect. I admit! I do not like Ultra Pure White in every room. It is too true white and a really harsh paint like that makes things look cheap.

I was burnt out by the options at Home Depot so for a shake up I went to Lowe’s. It was a helpful refresh to see their different brands, swatches, and fan decks.

LAYERING WHITES from Rachel Schultz

This is where we arrive at the lesson learned that makes everything worth it. To keep things from looking stark and flat (even in a mostly white-walled home), I must layer whites. It keeps the feel warmer and more multi-dimensional. Even better, it reduces the stress of having to pick a single white that looks great in every room. That was a nightmare! The light in the entryway is so different than the light in the kitchen, or the office. How could I find a perfect shape-shifting white for every room?

With much research, I have a star studded line up for great whites. When painting our house, I will take each room case by case and see which ones fits.

True white: Ralph Lauren Brilliant White
Warm white: Valspar Four Winds
Gray white: Sherwin Williams Snow Bound
Blue white: Behr Falling Snow
Pink white: Sherwin Williams Marshmallow

I will probably only use true, warm, or gray whites in our house. The first room I am going to use my new layering method on is the second floor landing – warm white walls and true white trim.

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  • Chris

    Picking just the right colors knowing that you’ll be living with them for awhile can be a challenge. I’m a sewer and a quilter so I generally pay fairly close attention to the colors I pick. Right now we’re remodeling one of our bathrooms and I’m having trouble deciding on the exact shade I want. Now there’s some pretty awful wallpaper in there so it’s hard to get a sense of what solid colored walls will feel like…and the paper is REALLY bad – ugh!We’ll also be removing 2 soffits and that’ll change the look also. That all being said though, white is the hardest to decide upon – there are so many tones of it.

    • Rachel Schultz

      We are plagued by lots of soffits too!

  • girl, you are dedicated. but seriously, I am impressed.

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