May 9, 2016

With the floral wallpaper stripped and the walls scrubbed free of lingering glue, the bathroom was ready to be painted. David was away for part of the weekend which as moms know is a mega bummer and akin to when other people have to go to work on a Saturday.

Morale was low, but I know the main thing that makes me feel better in situations like this is accomplishing something. My house project to tackle was painting the bathroom during the babies’ naps on Saturday.

PAINTING A CEILING from Rachel Schultz

Having the paper gone was a huge leap, but the walls were in really shabby condition. The room now had a lovely turn-of-the-century-run-down-New-York-boarding-house feel.

It was patchy and yellow with little scribbles everywhere. Just raw dry wall, I think.

PAINTING A CEILING from Rachel Schultz-3

While I have become a not-true-white paint lover, I had an almost full gallon of Ralph Lauren’s Brilliant White, so I used that in here. With recently painting a few rooms with cheaper paint, the Ralph Lauren stuff stood out in the finished product as a thicker and higher quality. Not sure though if I liked it enough to always pay more.

Two coats took me a little over three hours.

PAINTING A CEILING from Rachel Schultz-2

Including painting the ceiling!

I have never done this before and I have heard people say it is retched, so I was kind of always avoiding. This room was small, so I went for it. It was much easier than expected, and I did not even get a sore neck. But again, small room.

PAINTING A CEILING from Rachel Schultz 5

I also painted the mirrors because a fresh white with the grimy old bronze was a contrast I did not want.

There are a few next steps I have in mind in here. I want to lay white concrete on the counters to cover up the 80’s formica. Along with that the faucets will probably get painted. Best of all there will be a fun treatment I have been thinking of on the tiles. (!) Once those are done, phase one of this bathroom will be complete.

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  • Nicole Grimm

    It looks great, Rachel!!! So clean and crisp!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Nicole!

  • Chris

    The before and after pictures – like night and day! Painting makes the room look much larger. This clean and crisp look will also give you SO many opportunities to add pops of color. This was time very well spent because now you have such a nice space.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Chris! I agree.

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