May 17, 2016

Because we have upgraded to a king in the master (treat yourself), the queen can be relocated to the guest room. With now being able to accommodate couples or a tall person, we need this space to be not a miscellaneous wasteland. Note: The king feels so wonderfully enormous like I am a tiny flower petal drifting in a field. I am not including a new photo of our bedroom because it is currently just the box spring and mattress sitting on the ground. BUT WE HAVE PLANS.

We did a huge purge and sort of the guest room. There was so much furniture in there (it got way worse since the below photo).


All the furniture waiting to be craigslist-ed was moved to the basement (I sell in August for top dollar) and I parted with a huge assortment of stuff that I did not like but was having “what if I need this some day in the future?” syndrome with. It feels really good to be free of them.

With all this we have come to have a kind of ridiculous amount of bed set ups. A king in the master, a queen and crib in the guest room, a crib in our daughter’s room, a twin bed and a crib in our son’s room (not that he uses the twin, just storing – or I guess maybe we could host another person in there), and a toddler bed in storage in the basement. The toddler bed is in the basement because we still have the wood floor boxes in our son’s room, so once those are installed his bedroom will probably have a twin, toddler, and crib. Welcome to The Schultz Hotel for Youths Of All Ages.

The guest room has become where I put decor that I do not dislike enough to get rid of, but have not styled anywhere yet. So much of our house is just getting the bones (walls, floors) right that I barely ever think about furnishing or accessories.

Still, this room is now pleasant and we have since slept in here to kind of pretend feeling like we are having a night away from home. Oh, parenthood, I love it.

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  • Alice R.

    You really do make the most of what you have. This room feels serene and comfortable to me. It’s quite appealing. Thank you for sharing it – and the tip about August!

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