May 23, 2016

Recently I pared down and prioritized our to-buy list. With some soul searching, I decided what three purchases would most improve quality of decor life and interestingly enough they were all in the living room. My three big items to get coming up are living room rug, living room light fixture, and art for living room. What makes art good to one person is, of course, very personal and subjective. David’s least favorite genre is “whimsical animal art” (an example here).

My least favorite kind is (prepare for an unpopular opinion) word art or signage. Which I feel like present day pretty much everyone has some of this in their house and to that I say more power to you. Words in art is just a more modern decor concept and I generally like traditional.

The arrangement for the pieces in here will be a single row of medium sized paintings – mostly realism, a few abstract, and maybe one modern/dada just for contrast. It will feel a little museum-y which I like for the library vibes and because it is my favorite way to elevate a room’s maturity level while keeping it child friendly.


Put the fancy looking stuff high up (sophisticated art and splurging on the light fixture). A room is not more kid safe because there is a family photograph in a frame instead of a 18th century oil painting. (But then again you might just prefer a picture of your family!)

Buying anything (at least when you are like me) requires a lot of research and consideration. Art is like that, maybe even more so than typical fabric and color type choices. The question I have found that never steers me wrong when art shopping is do I like how this piece makes me feel? Every piece of art evokes an emotion, just like smells or songs can take you to a very specific place or mood. This piece makes me feel small, safe, calm. This one makes me feel somber, but in a way I like. This makes me feel youthful and happy, so it is going in my daughter’s room.

And then for married folks, you have to get two people’s positive feelings to line up, even if in different ways. (Which is kind of the fun of viewing and discussing art together.) David is a big art lover which is nice for this. He says if he had majored in something just for fun in college it would have been art history. If your spouse has no preference, well, that is awesome for shopping too!

And still, not every art produces a strong emotion, but I just like it aesthetically. That ship painting was a $2 vintage find and the portrait above is Charles Spurgeon. The composition is bossy and I like his nickname, “The Prince of Preachers,” so now he lives in our living room.

I cannot wait to finish our living room gallery. I just got this one for my birthday!

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