July 5, 2016

After trying a couple reds on our front door, I was not nailing the exact color and look I wanted. The white house, navy shutters, and red door look is as classic as it gets and I completely adore it. We have a white house with very dark brown shutters, so I thought I could sneak the look in without painting the shutters if I made the door red.

It just was not quite working. The brown instead of navy prevents it. With a darker, more wine-red than what I tried I could have possibly gotten it right. But, with the front door, I feel like I have to coordinate its color with the entryway’s palette too. As much as I liked red for the exterior, a red in the entry was too much and too intense. So, sorry red, I just am not feeling you anymore.

I primed it back to white, planning to try an olive green. Weeks passed and although I had the green, I was gun shy to put it up and the door remained white.


It seems like I knew the olive would not be quite right with the shutters and maybe that is what held me back. I pushed the door color to the side and went on to plan other projects. A full house renovation is nice in that way, when you hit a road block on one problem you can just pick one of the other million things there are to do!

Then an old friend with great style commented on my instagram that she thought I should do my door black. I love glossy black doors and have considered them in some places on the interior, but making the front door black – why, that would be perfect!

It looks so much more sophistiacted from the street. We have a glass storm door, so its dark metal border always visually cut into a significant portion of the door when it was white or a color. Now, they blend together seamlessly and help the colors look less choppy.

I totally dig it. There are so many things I want to do on our exterior, but there are only so many hours we can devote to working on the house. As much as I would love for our landscaping to be nice (at least for our neighbors!) working on the interior is more worth out time right now. A simple thing I might try to do is buy two large matching planters for the front porch for some boxwoods.

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