July 11, 2016

Back when we were renters, I loved finding all the little things I could to make our house comfortable and pleasant. I could not do any substantial renovations and even held back on furniture purchases for wanting to wait to buy pieces that would specifically suit our first home. One investment that totally works while in a rental space is bedding. It was during that renting phase that I researched and experimented to find my very favorite sheets.

That information is valuable for like, ever. And when we recently bought our king bed, I knew just what sheets I wanted with no hesitation.


First, I am pretty exclusive to all white sheets. (And towels, while we are on the topic.) White linens are bleach-able, which I love for cleanliness, and, keeping everything white makes stocking towels and sheets from room to room really simple.

When I started the quest for my ideal sheet set, I had naturally already spent some time in my adult life observing what I appreciate or dislike in bedding. This of course varies from person to person, but for me my biggest annoyance in sheetings is pilling. I hate it on my clothes and certainly on my sheets too.

If you hate pilling – percale sheets are your best friend. I find I am good with a 400 count of Egyptian cotton ones. They say that percale is less soft and wrinkles badly, but I have never had a problem with this. My favorite ones are this Ultimate Percale set, which are in the $50-70 range, and since they are from Bed, Bath & Beyond I always use a 20% off coupon. I have bought these for our guest and master and am utterly pleased.

As for winter, we like flannel ones! I know some people love; some people hate. I am a fan. It never ceases to amaze me how good putting on the flannel sheets feels in the chilly fall and how good putting on the percale sheets feel in the warm spring.

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  • Caitlin

    What kind of white towels do you find last best/longest staying fresh looking? Brand/store?
    I love white sheets and towels too but I have 3 little boys and worry a bit they’ll turn dingy too fast if they’re not quality enough.

    • Rachel Schultz

      I use some white target threshold ones that have held up pretty well.

  • HI Rachel

    Yes!!! Always on the lookout for great sheets! We love flannel sheets too! I don’t believe the ones you mentioned at BBB come in a king?? Any others that you know of?

    Thanks Rachel


    • Rachel Schultz

      I have them in King!

  • Comfort is considered as a key for a good night sleep.

    Nice Post thanks for the sharing

  • Sweet as apple pi!I really enjoyed this article, it was really informative.

  • Laurel

    I agree, Egyptian cotton is the way to go! I also love your striped pillowcases. Did you find these at BB&B too?

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