August 1, 2016

After finishing the guest room floors, we planned to take 10 days or so off from working on them before we knocked out the remaining two bedrooms. This is a refreshing window to rest since when we are working on wood floors it takes over lots of free time. But then this raises a question for strange souls like me who find working on projects restful. So while David was doing the type of rest activities normal people find relaxing, I decided to begin a project that I could work on by myself until we returned to wood floors in a few days.

Shiplap in the office!


In the above photo looking into the office you can see that since we moved in we have had white paint swatches brushed up on the wall. Finally, those will disappear. The project I really want to have complete is our built in desk and that cannot occur until this wall treatment is done.

Of the slew of white paint colors I like, in here I was deciding between Ralph Lauren’s Egret or Chalk White. I went with Chalk White just to make sure it felt really crisp in the end. Egret is a lovely gray-white, though.


Since my aim is to do this project by myself, I first had to have David teach me how to use the nail gun and miter saw – two things I have never done before. I did a lot of research on shiplapping and am hopeful for what this room will become. If this goes well, I will feel proud of successfully completing something hard I had to push myself to try.

I think I have all the little details thought through and sorted out. Here goes!

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  • Lara

    PLEASE post your tips afterwards! :) I want to shiplap our master bath, but my husband has so many bigger projects from our 1920s bungalow to finish. If I could do it, then it truly might happen. You’ve inspired me.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Will do! That’s fun to hear.

  • Nicole

    We just finished shiplap ceilings in our kitchen/dining area! We LOVE them. You can totally do it yourself – I did our ceilings in part by myself and if I can do it, you definitely can!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Nicole! I saw your husband when I was buying materials at Home Depot!

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