October 3, 2016

We are hosting a party at the end of the month and I love creating a self imposed deadline of an occasion to finish a project in time for. For this party, it is the powder room! This half bathroom on our first floor is the one guests use, as well as us when we are about the house during the day on the main floor. This is an almost complete gut job and we will be building it back up from the bottom. I took this photo at a restaurant I was at the other few weeks ago.

Is it a good thing if the restaurants that have food I like also are decorated in the way I am doing my house? This was my almost exact plans for our bathroom!


The floors will be tiled and this is my first time tiling anything. I am partly doing the half bath at this time because it is a small, attainable space to have a first tiling foray.

For the walls I am planning on some board and batten. I have not picked my exact color, but I loved Martha Stewart’s Pup Tent back when she had a paint line at Home Depot.


I may try to color match if I can find a swatch, or just use it as inspiration. Above is Pup Tent in a cool bathroom from a spread in Country Living.

Other changes will include a pedestal sink and new hardware and accessories. This room simply does not need the amount of storage that enormous unit is providing and the flow will be much better without it. There is a great built in medicine cabinet on the wall I can stock with little guest-y items.


The only thing I might not do in this pass is rip out the soffit. It has a can light that we will then have reinstalled in the ceiling, but I should probably group my electrician jobs together to do all at once.

I think the soffit removal, plus taking out the huge sink with make this little powder room feel so much bigger. Also, just prettier. It smells perpetually musty too. The gut job will take care of that. Goodbye wild wallpaper. You were not that bad, but you just won’t fit in here anymore.

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  • Chris

    This is a very cool look for a powder room…when you have such a small area it really makes sense to perk it up. I love the color – Pup Tent – what a neat name. The tile is so retro-traditional. Does that term make any sense? I’m not sure but I think it’ll be a nice flooring. Tiling is pretty easy – wear knee pads!!!

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