October 24, 2016

Alternate title: I Thought Our House Was Off-White. Power washing our exterior siding had been on our to-do list kind of since day one, but was on the list with more gusto after we ripped out some bushes. The green staining left behind by those monsters was even more pronounced. You might remember when we were hanging our Christmas wreaths last year I was all like, “our house is too dirty to be legal.” It was a big job to do all of the siding and even though it seems simple it took about the whole day to do it!

The power washer is very powerful (of course), but it is slow going.


It is also very fun to watch. It almost looks like you are painting on a fresh coat of white paint when someone is blasting all the dirt off. Our house it actually white!

How much of a difference the exterior being clean makes is kind of startling. Everything feels a little nicer. It is one of those things where it is not so bad and you can overlook it for a while, but then when it is fixed you realize how much it was making things look junky. (We have had a few of those moments around the house lately. For example, finally painting over a few places where I had paint test swatches on the walls!)

We worked on one other exterior project the day we did this which I will share more about coming up. This was the pre-game workday to gear up for 2017, the Summer of the Exterior. We had to get a couple prep things in before winter hits. (I know, I said it!)

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