November 1, 2016

Over the weekend we hosted a Halloween costume party and it was candy and friends and fall and competition and cider and just generally glorious. One idea I wanted to do to make the party a little extra special was create a mega photo booth for everyone to have their picture taken with in their costume wares. I got the idea from other fine things to use lots of colorful paper plates to make an easy backdrop with really high impact.

One key for the backdrop looking great is to have lots of colors. I think just three or four shades would have made it feel not as epic. I used seven and think a few more would have been only even better.


I found sticky tack was the best for adhere the plates to the wall quickly and without any damage. Supplies to build this were about $30 and it took about 30 minutes to install.

Our family costume was Star Wars. It started from David wanting the babies go as ewoks. From there we fell in line as Han and Leia. I was not wild about being an adult woman dressing as Princess Leia, but I will remind my kids of this if there is ever a year they do not like their casting for the family costume. Ha!

This halloween party might just become an annual tradition. It was just so good. I think I may start engraving a trophy with the winners from each year to make it really competitive. And of course, come up with a different photo booth idea for each party too.

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  • Suganthy Magdalene

    Hi Rachel. Love the paper plate back drop! Would you please share details about the size of the plate and the spacing. Thanks.- Suganthy (from India)

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