November 7, 2016

There was a bare corner of our son’s room in need something and a teepee was just the thing for it. I love sophisticated children’s rooms. To me, that is a space where children feel completely at home, but adults find pleasant to look at too. I think what often makes a children’s room feel sophisticated (or not) is color palette. Everything is not bold primaries or garish pastels and that feels elevated. And then of course the presence of toys and children’s art still keeps it a place little ones love to be.

When shopping around for teepees I saw many options that I would place in the garish category. I don’t feel like a teepee needs to be bright pink or electric green to work in a children’s space because the concept of a toy teepee being in a bedroom is already for children.

a-childrens-teepee-2-copyFINISHED WOOD FLOORS IN THE BOYS' BEDROOM-3 copya-childrens-teepee-3-copy

Another point to keep in mind was scale. You can find a lot of teepees that are enormous, especially if they have indoor and outdoor options. After some hunting, I found this one from a little shop in Wales that is more petite and has such lovely little details.

It is really well made and we love the natural canvas color without any tacky logos or words. The children have also verified it is awesome.

The other piece of good news is a friend of ours said the teepee novelty does not wear off quickly and her children found have one in their bedroom fun for many years. Eventually I plan to layer a cow hide under the base to make it more cozy too!

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