December 1, 2016

Up to this point, our office has felt sad, sterile, and cold. The next project in our house I most wanted to have done was building a wall to wall built in desk in here. We have a small wood desk that was not functioning at a high enough capacity for the efficient home workspace of our dreams.

Since what I really want is the desk, I of course have to back up and do the projects that need to be done before those can get installed. That is the wall treatment, shiplap!


I have not yet mentioned that I am completely annoying because in day to day life I like to refer to these walls as “planked” and not “shiplapped” so as to not draw so many comparisons to dear Joanna Gaines, ha!

Now that they are done, even before we have added a single piece of furniture, this space is much warmer and cozy. The dash of architectural character feels inspiring too – ideal for a creative workspace. And, I love what a different wall has done to set the office apart from the rest of our home stylistically. With our floorplan it feels secluded from the rest of the house, making it the best room for us to convert into an office and a good spot to do something a bit decoratively different that is not anywhere else.

Isn’t it crazy how much the baseboards I thought were white look completely grunge now that a real, fresh white is on the walls?

finished-shiplap-in-the-office-copy finished-shiplap-in-the-office-3-copy

This means now I can start building the desk! Along with installing it will be all the finishing touches for the walls too, like new baseboards, caulking, trimming out the corners, socket extenders, etc. (Once I am done with those I can share a totally complete step by step how-to).

I made a last minute big change and we decided to do standing desks. We are both so eager to have those up and I already feel my posture getting better!

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  • Alice R.

    I don’t comment often as I pop in and out, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy these posts and photos. You are very talented in transforming your home!

    • Rachel Schultz

      That’s so nice. Thank you Alice!!

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