December 8, 2016

Do you see that exclamation point firmly planted in that post title? The weekend after Thanksgiving is perhaps my favorite time of the whole year and my transformation into a sugar plum fairy is complete. We put up wreaths on the exterior windows again, and of course the grand tanenbaum (heart emoji). We are still young home owners and in the process of building up our decor stash. One of this year’s big additions was getting our unified set of family stockings in order.

Painting the living room white only made me even more excited to deck these halls because I knew I would love how some stockings would look on the mantel. I considered several directions for how to do our family set. When you are weird like me there are lots of things to consider and form strong opinions on of what our family needs.


First, homemade or store bought? We have a dear family friend who is a knitting wonder and she was willing to make some for all of us, so we got to have homemade ones. David’s grandma also made some needle point ones for the kids that they hang in their bedrooms. We love special things like this and heirlooms in general, so we were extremely happy to get to be the cool-handmade-knitted-stocking-types.

Second, (and easiest), all matching or variety? We decided on variety, but still with cohesion. The biggest questions come now in how there will be variety. All the same colors with different images? Or all same pattern with different colors?

We at first loved the idea of each stocking having a unique image because I think it is so sweet when little kids get to be proud about the picture on their stocking and all “mine’s a gingerbread man!” But, if you are going with handmade it is a lot more leg work to find a unique picture for each person and make sure they all look similar in amount of detail or proportions and such. We hope to have a big family so we really would need a large picture arsenal. (This is easier of course, if you go the store bought route). Plus, grand kids. (YES I AM THINKING THIS FAR.)

So we landed on same pattern with different colors. That still makes room for the fun personalization of “mine’s red and gold!” or “mine has blue like dad’s!” and all that. I completely adore them and they really will be family treasures for life. I can’t wait to pick out more colors for more people as our family grows.


And for an amazing PSA, I got these adorable brush trees in the little Target $3 bins at the front of the store. $3 for all of them!


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  • Kailynn

    A thought- I think your books would really pop against the white, if the books were organized by color.

    • Rachel Schultz

      I had them like that once before!

  • I was just wondering about these! My facebook “On This Day” brought up the picture of our family’s stockings and you & I had a conversation on the merits of “Mom” and “Dad” vs. first names. These look awesome! I love the color variations! And I think you made the right choice to use that as your variety… I’m already stressed out trying to design 3 new patterns for babies we hope for in the future!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Ha! So fun. Thanks Erin

  • Myrna Wise

    where can you find the patterns for these Christmas stockings?

    • Rachel Schultz

      They were actually made custom by our friend, but if I can get more info I will let you know!

  • Chris

    Oh my goodness – please keep this knitting person in your loop! I also knit but these are just too cute for words. I love that you decided upon a variety of colors rather than red and green. Look so nice against the white fireplace.

    • Rachel Schultz

      We love them! Thanks Chris.

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