December 19, 2016

After checking the shiplap walls off the to-do list, I could get to the project I really wanted – installing our built-in, wall-to-wall desk. My goal is to complete this project for less than $1,000. The deeper I got into the planning, the harder that seemed, but I think we can still pull it off. In the beginning, we planned to just have the built-in be standard desk height – 30 inches. I really wanted to use IKEA cabinets to help meet that under-a-grand budget goal, but they do not have desk height cabinets available, only kitchen ones. Kitchen cabinets are 30 inches on their own and you have add on toe kick and counter height, which would rule out using kitchen cabinets for our desk. They would be quite too tall.

I abandoned dear IKEA to search online and at Home Depot for desk height cabinets. Online I was not able to find any with lots of drawer customization options. My brief little consult at Home Depot gave me complete sticker shock and I realized I had to figure out a way to make IKEA stuff work to stay in budget.

After a little more digging on IKEA, I found they have a wall mounted overhead cabinet (with drawers!) that is 20″ in height. With a few inches for the counter’s thickness and building up a tall platform base, we could get those to be our desired 30″ desk height! Yay, IKEA will work!


(This simulation shows what our configuration will look like, just imagine a counter going across all of them and some stools!)

But then a last minute change happened! That I am actually not inconvenienced by, but really excited about and thankful we thought of before we committed on this old design. David has had workplaces with standing desks and really loved them. And I started asking myself, why don’t we make one for our house?

The more I thought about it the more I loved the idea and was really excited about the posture and health benefits. We are not really health nuts, but we always joke-remind each other that “sitting is the new smoking,” as they say.


The best part is that making these standing desks will use the same concept of how I was going to do the desk height cabinets by building a big base for a smaller cabinet. Now, we will just using the 30″ kitchen cabinets and build a big base to bring it up to about 41-42″, an average ideal standing desk height for heights (5’7″ and 6’2″).

I made my big trip to our state’s IKEA and bought all the cabinets, and now we have begun assembling. (David loves putting together IKEA furniture!) I am beginning to think we can really do this. Not as sure about doing it and staying under budget!

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