February 2, 2017

I have shared before that I am all about sophisticated children’s rooms. Those are a place kids love to be (toys and fun features), but that mom also loves looking at. On top of that, I think it is nice for the children’s room to still have stylistic continuity with the rest of the house and that is going to be hard to get with primary colors and plastics. (Unless of course that is the theme you have chosen everywhere else!) Children’s rooms also need durability.

(Really, the whole house needs durability for those dear little ones too.) One of my favorite ways to inject something refined into a kid’s room is the light fixture.


Light fixtures are never touched, so while they could still in theory be broken by a stray football, they are a safer route to get something unique and styled in a kids room than trying to place cool antique accessories on their night stands and attempt to keep them from getting broken.

I had been pining over the Lucent Lightshop etsy store for years, so we went with two custom pieces made by their team. For our daughter’s room (above), I chose a fixture that is everything my slightly glam “girls rooms” pin board has dreamed of.


For our current designated “boys” room (birth order might swap these one day), I chose a piece a tad industrial for a more romp around boy feel. Best of all with these, I get to have pretty things to look at while acting like the no-stress mom I pretend to be.

There is much more I would love to do in these rooms, but I am holding off on most of it so we can see exactly how we end up needing them with our kid gender and birth order stuff. The good light fixtures make me much more okay with feeling like these in progress spaces are decoratively addressed-ish and at least a little styled.

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