March 6, 2017

All the time when people reach a benchmark of 1 year, 5 years, 10 years for something they say, I cannot believe it has been that long; it went so fast! Well, I kind of feel the opposite. Like I have been doing this for way longer than 5 years. Not sure what that says about it! But I do know that I still love having my blog.

Maybe the reason it feels so long was because my life is so different than when it began. I was unmarried and living in an apartment and now I have children and we own a home.


Readers come here for cooking and home decor, not tech and numbers, so I feel reluctant about writing this post because I am thinking it is not “on brand.” But, it is only one little post of the whole year, so with it in its proper place I am giving myself permission to have fun with it.

And, it is a tradition! I am going five years strong so I cannot break it now. I am thinking of this as pasting a snapshot in a scrapbook. And if you are a blogger or blogging interests you it is nice to talk a little bit of shop.


Around my blog’s birthday last year, I had just signed on with AdThrive which is an agency who manages advertising for me. Whereas before I participated with several networks, now everything is done through AdThrive. At the very end of the year I had some outlying months from one of my old networks, sovrn, which is why they have a little piece of the pie this year. I have loved AdThrive and highly recommend them.

Book publishing is a unique experience that I liked doing for many reasons, but one big one is that with so many bloggers, being a blogger slash author can set you apart with a bit more legitimacy. Traditional publishing is a big job, though. Moving forward I am asking myself if I would rather spend my time and energy writing another book or putting it into the blog, or maybe another endeavor.

The “other” piece of the traffic pie continued to get bigger, which is a trend I consider healthy. That means I am producing a variety of content that interests readers and not relying only on a few viral traffic posts. Also a huge trend this year was that people continue to access the site through mobile as much as or more than traditional desktop. Interesting!

The rest of the week I am sharing some goals for year six, and even a tiny bit of advice for creatives.

You can find all my previous blog birthday posts here.

My New Cookbook



  • shel

    Yes, I agree with Grace! I am a new subscriber here! I only follow about 4 blogs so I am picky and don’t sign up randomly! Something awesome must have piqued my interest! Just can’t say what it was off top of my head without going through rest of site right now! Ha! Just clicked on today’s and enjoyed the numbers, too! Pretty cool! :)

    • Rachel Schultz

      Fun! Thanks Shel

  • For what it’s worth, I love these posts and admire your transparency in sharing the numbers!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thank you Grace!

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