March 13, 2017

Even though we have lived here for a year and a half, I can still sometimes feel we are in the just-moved-in-phase. Our home had so much to be done to bring the “bones” (walls and floors, mostly) up to speed and we are only barely starting to approach the wonderful actual decorating part. My two “musts” that by themselves can make a room awesome all on their own are a good rug and an amazing light fixture. In my opinion, that is where a space can make it or break it.

If you have got something unique and interesting going on with those two, the whole room can suddenly appear thoughtful and designed.


We just upgraded light fixtures in our second floor landing and entryway and after much deliberating, I actually chose to go with the exact same fixture in both spots.

After I had put in so much thinking about what to do for each location, the choice to make them the same almost felt like a cop out. Now that they are installed, I am a new advocate for identical repeating fixtures throughout a home, especially in functionally similar places like a hall and entry. At first I rebelled against that idea because that feels like the very “builder grade” thing to do.

I feel this way about paint colors (using the same color in many rooms in a house) so I am not sure why I did not extend the same logic to light fixtures sooner.

coordinating-light-fixtures-throughout-a-home2 coordinating-light-fixtures-throughout-a-home

The style direction we are taking our home is traditional meets art deco. I can get so sidetracked when I see other styles executed really well, but I have to remind myself to always come back to my vision and that it is okay to appreciate other styles while being disciplined enough to not try and fit them all in my house. I have made a self imposed style rule to keep all my fixtures black or antique brass, for the continuity reason.

When I stand at the bottom of the stairs and can see both the entry and landing light at the same time, it feels a tiny bit fancy, almost like a hotel. This piece is quintessential art deco and having them reminds me why art deco is one of the styles I chose in the first place, because it is so consistently my very favorite and gives me eternal heart eyes.

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  • Anonymous

    the link is not active anymore – can you share the source, this is lovely, like your entire blog!

    • Rachel Schultz

      thank you! lucent light shop’s etsy page is i think the best place to check…

  • Betsy

    I love the color on your ceiling in the hallway! I have been looking for a similar shade for our new kitchen. Do you mind sharing the name and brand?

    • Rachel Schultz

      We have a red rug, so it is reflecting and making it look a little pink. It is really just a white. Its from the previous owners. Wish I could help!

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