March 30, 2017

I loved the boost the new fixture in our living room gave that space toward feeling more decorated. Part of slowly fixing up our house on our own involves lots of rooms being totally untouched. That can be be frustrating, but having one space that feels like a glimpse of where everything is one day headed feels motivating. Many times when flipping through a magazine or (more likely) scrolling pinterest, I noticed a trend in the rooms I like – lots of them have ceiling medallions (or other cool structural details).

After installing our own medallion, I am even more in love with them. They seem like the easiest and least expensive way to add architectural character to a home.

I did some hunting from Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon and found this one at Lowe’s was my favorite for its price and look. Our fixture is between 30 and 36 inches wide, so I needed a quite wide medallion too. With a nod of art deco and only about $65, this guy is an A+. (The other finalists were here, here, and here.)

To install, we first needed to create a hole in the center of the medallion slightly smaller than the width of the fixture’s mount. David used a spade bit to cut a small hole, and then a jamb saw to create the large hole in the exact size we needed.


To attach to the ceiling, all we needed was constructive adhesive and a few strategic thin trim head screws to keep it really sturdy. The screw holes can be spackled and covered over when painted. We left it like above overnight, without adding the rest of the fixture to allow the glue to fully dry.

You may like to caulk around the perimeter of the medallion, but with the very scalloped border of ours, that would be quite a job so I am happy to keep it un-caulked. The main thing will be painting it to be the exact same white as our ceiling, which I will do when we paint our ceiling in the future. The difference is very subtle and it does not bother me. (And I stare at it a lot!)

Yep, I really love ceiling medallions. This one is definitely a statement one, so I feel like I couldn’t add more of these all over our house. But, I am definitely up for adding some smaller and simpler ones in lots of rooms.

Much of what remains in the living room is only purchases and less DIY projects, which makes me excited to zero in on it and keep bringing it closer to completion. Since purchasing things I can do easily and all by myself! But of course that has to take a side step to the upcoming “Summer of the Exterior.” And the cash needed to fund our goal$ there.

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