December 18, 2017

Welcome to a new little series. I had the idea to begin doing some personal posts about a whole mix of issues. And let’s be honest, sometimes popular culture BECAUSE I HAVE THOUGHTS. I love doing things by the seasons, so we’ll plan to share one that often. This is my second post of my little seasonal series. It has been really fun to collect thoughts or finds over a couple of months and then write up this post. In christmas I am in my zone. Also here is the autumn 2017 one too.

Smelling pretty: DO YOU HAVE A REALLY GOOD DEODORANT. I have never used one I thought was amazing. Or really even one that was good. Girl versions just don’t work. So I resigned to use the most neutral smelling boy one I could find. (Which wasn’t great for feeling feminine.) But then I was like no, this is not right and I want to feel like a girl. I need to find a fantastic deodorant that works super well and has a lovely, feminine scent. I’ve started with this brand called native.

Chip & Joanna: The best items from the hearth & hand target line (in my opinion) are – green stoneware pitcher, antique gold place card holders, steel measuring cups, framed sheet music art, and the rustic stoneware dishes (in white obvi!).


People, what are we going to do: I just can’t stand the thought of putting together our family photo albums. Because I’m behind and it seems daunting. I just don’t know what method or style to do with these. Lots (most?) (all?) of the printable books that you order online are so ugly or one million dollars. I like nostalgic peel and stick photo albums but who has the time. I NEED SOLUTIONS. I don’t want it to take forever, but it has to be pretty or vintage-y or classic design. And not expensive. And easy to journal in? And what about a way to put keepsakes in it too? I just have so many more problems than solutions. SEND HELP.

Star Wars: Sorry I’ve just found myself not that excited for episode xiii. I think it just comes down to that I find Rey like 0% likable. Liked the girl in Rogue One though.

Into it!: It seems the minute we switch on the heat for the season I desperately need a humidifier. But they are normally so big and a hassle to clean and maintain. Then I heard the genius idea to buy a travel one and use it for everyday life. I have LOVED this one that has great reviews and uses just an upside down water bottle! I bought a fiji water and removed the label since it has a prettier, less water bottle-y shape. My skin and lips are so soft, I don’t wake up crazy thirsty, and it has taken away dry throat and sinus congestion.

I don’t grocery shop anymore: Kroger clicklist was the best thing to happen to me in 2016. It’s a service that is only $5 per order for a kroger employee to do all your shopping for you and then they bring it out to your car. Getting groceries can easily take me more than an hour. And I definitely value my time at more than $5 an hour, so this was VERY worth it and really changed the whole feel of our weekends not having to grocery shop. (And once you have lots of babies strapped in car seats you know errands where you don’t have to get out of the car are the best.) So I was pretty devoted to clicklist and then I found another great option – shipt. They deliver the groceries TO YOUR HOUSE and it’s $8 a month. I’m frugal and never thought I would have done any kind of grocery service, but these make sense. Recently I had to go into the store and get some groceries myself (about a medium size load) and I COULD NOT BELIEVE I used to do this (with a way bigger grocery list) every week. Grocery shopping is such an ordeal and really a lot work shopping, checking out, loading, and unloading and the whole chore has been completely eliminated from my life. I talked to the people at shipt and they are giving my readers $10 off their first order! You just use this membership code when you’re signing up – CB93DC. I know some people who like clicklist better and some people who prefer shipt, but seriously our family always does one of the two and are in love.

Netflix-ing: I live my life waiting for David to be ready to watch parks & rec through again. (I actually only ever start at season three because I heard one and two are bad. So I’ve never seen them! This is so unlike the personality thing about me that needs to finish things in their entirety.) Don’t want to be mean but was kinda let down by the Brian Regan “nunchucks & flamethrowers” special. He’s normally way better, but I believe he signed on for two deals with netflix so there is hopefully another one coming soon.

2018: It’s moderately difficult to find a wall calendar that isn’t hideous. I am completely devoted to this farmer’s market one because it is just lovely. I’m a person who likes to streamline things and I don’t need a wall calendar. But this one is too beautiful I buy one every year and NEVER regret it. It is where I keep birthdays and anniversaries thought so actually now I do need it. I love flipping it every single month.

In pursuit of cozyPretty flannel sheets at Target for like $20 (the one called “multifloral”)

Best Movie of the Year: The Dark Tower

Best Book of the Year: I did a whole post here!

All is vanity: I love wearing sandals as long as I possibly can so I often have had to put up a fight to keep soft feet. I’ve tried lots of things, but a thing I found that was simple and really pretty well is just burt’s bees coconut foot creme. Using this at home does more for softness than getting a whole pedicure. And it smells SO GOOD I want it in perfume form.

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  • valerie sobus

    i’m with you in the deoderant thing! also i feel motherhood has somehow weirdly altered my body chemistry and makes me smellier. hahah. i use schmidt’s brand…the lime & bergamot scent.

    the familly photo album struggle is super real! i can always remember flipping through all my mom’s photo albums growing up when i was bored and loved looking at old pictures of my mom and pictures of me as a baby. I want my kids to do the same. I also love the peel and stick kind since i can sneak in some pieces of childhood artwork and other small mementos. though it is time consuming i prefer it to the uploading/organizing process of online websites that offer photo books. I recently made a photo calendar for a christmas gift and it was way too annoying.

    girl — we live in minneapolis and target just started a trial of a drive up service where you order everything you want on the app and they bring it out and load it up for you and it is ROCKING my mom world. Mostly for the big items like paper towels and all our boxes of la croix that are just tough to fit around two kids inside a shopping cart.

    happy 2018!

    • Rachel Schultz

      looking up schmidts immediately!

      I knowwww. Maybe I should just do peel and sticks. I thought they weren’t good because you can’t do mementos that big or thicker than paper but most things are just paper like programs or tickets or whatever.

      ah i hope they extend that target service!! target!!

  • Malory

    Hi Rachel! Shipt sounds awesome and it looks like they are available in my area! I tried to sign up with your membership code and it doesn’t seem to be working?

    I am getting this error message – “Sorry, we can’t seem to find that one Please double check your code and keep in mind that they are case sensitive” Just wanted to make sure you get credit for the referrals!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Hm. I’ll look into this. Thanks Malory!

  • Cindy

    On the subject of deodorant…I really like using magnesium lotion! I read about using magnesium oil last year, but the oil can irritate sensitive skin. I tried the magnesium lotion and loved it. Even worked though the summer. You can add a drop of any essential oil you want to the small amount that you use for your deodorant. Since a lot of the oils fight bacteria and fungus, it is a double whammy against odor. The lotion also seemed to work as an antiperspirant, That’s it, and it is all natural, with no chemicals at all!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Woah. I will look into that.

  • Emily

    Okay Rachel, I’ve been following your blog for years and have never commented on anything, but this is important…GO WATCH SEASONS ONE AND TWO OF PARKS & REC! Like right now! Sure, season one is slightly worse than the rest of the series, but it’s definitely still worth watching, and season two is where the show really starts picking up steam and becomes hilarious! You won’t regret it.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Wow this comment is super exciting. I am hopeful. Thanks Emily!

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