February 21, 2018

My post on how to actually do some art with kids covered the big picture motives of why the pursuit is worth it and some ways of thinking that help make the whole endeavor more pleasant. That post naturally begged this one which has some more practicals. We have found some kid art supplies (some for just drawing, some for full blown projects) that make it all much easier, like in some cases stupid easy. Also as a side note, I continue to become more devoted to purchasing only furniture that is either slip covered or leather!

DOODLE BOARD: I just love this thing. My toddlers practice drawing and writing letters all the time because they can do it on this thing anywhere (sofa, dining table, floor, their bedroom). Because unlike pens, markers, crayons, they don’t need supervision to stay on the paper or be still at a desk. I think because of these my kids are kind of advanced in writing because they can practice so much. (OR BECAUSE THEY ARE MY BEAUTIFUL PRODIGY ANGEL BABIES.)

STICKERS: I’m all about those sticker books that have a bunch of stickers and then pages of scenes they can place them into. They end up on things other than the book, but kids stickers graciously have weak adhesion, so they come right off of everything.

Art made with kid art supplies

KWIK STIX: REVOLUTIONARY for painting because this threat level = unprecedentedly low. It’s paint in a marker-type form. They say it dries in 90 seconds, but in my experience it seems even faster.

PIPE CLEANERS: All day, baby. Because they are no mess and a chance to get to try sculpting forms of art instead of the normal 2D stuff.

SIDEWALK CHALK: Don’t forget this old classic! It is a super easy way to get the creativity happening or practice writing in a very stress free way. The other thing I love about keeping chalk around is it holds kid’s interest for quite a big age range. (I mean, I find myself liking chalking with the kids.) I kind of insist on buying the type that come in a bucket so it’s simple to clean up and store. (That linked one is a bucket type.)

PAINT WITH WATER BOOKS: These are your friend. There’s a little paint brush that holds its own water (mine has never leaked) and releases just the right (small) amount. I don’t know what kind of NASA tech is going on with these pages, but when you brush over them with water, the page get painted. Kids can “paint” with these anywhere and there’s never a mess. And they are inexpensive.

WATER COLOR BRUSH PENS: Similarly, these are brushes that hold water inside them, so you can watercolor while having completely subtracted the cup of water (and its spills) from the equation.

And lastly, mr. clean erasers. We all understand.

For basic supplies, my favorite crayons are crayola (they really are the best), the best tempura paint is blick, and for markers I like these with a million colors for $8!

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