April 12, 2018

This post is part of a series I do to write important things I need to tell you about and a mix of homemaker stuff. And let’s be honest, sometimes popular culture BECAUSE I HAVE THOUGHTS. I love doing things by the seasons, so I share one that often. There are some re-occuring categories such as: “netflix-ing,” “unpopular opinion,” “all is vanity,” “into it!,” and “I am not tech-y, but.”

Less expensive pottery barn: Did you hear about pottery barn’s new line pb apartment? It’s all more economical pieces. I’m seriously eyeing this adjustable desk for the office (love that you could raise it up for a time if I have something out I don’t want the kids getting into), these antique style mirrors, and this canvas map wall hanging. Would have liked to have seen the prices a bit lower still, but that’s pottery barn.

All is vanity: I updated my old glasses and ordered this pair, the “coley” in crystal. I went for the clear acetate look! I have a high prescription so I think this style works well if you have thick lenses. I don’t really keep my prescription up to date because I am an almost exclusive contacts wearer. But then I unexpectedly had to wear my glasses for a week and it was awful having a wrong prescription.

A new tab: You may have noticed I created a house tour tab that will be a place I keep an up to date status of where our home renovations and decorating are coming along. And you can get the best feel for how the whole home works together. Also I’ll share the latest pictures for little changes that didn’t merit a full post.

Spring cleaning: The single cleaning product I use way more than anything else in our home is the mrs. meyers multi surface concentrate. It is so much less expensive than even using a generic off brand multi-surface. And obviously the smell is unparalleled. My favorite is rosemary. You just mix a splash of it with water and that makes a whole bottle for so cheap. I amazon primed this glass spray bottle to keep mine in. PRETTY CLEANING SUPPLIES MAKE CLEANING BETTER; IT IS FACT.

Into it!: This is ridiculous, but I recently watched the movie Rocky for the first time and became, in no small way, obsessed. I proceeded to then complete Rocky II, III, and IV back to back – four movies in four nights. Honestly I think of how a lesson I learned from one of the Rocky movies ties into my life almost every day IN A ONLY HALF JOKING WAY. And then here I am watching, wearing my clear acetate glasses when I saw Rocky throughout the series ALSO WEARS CLEAR ACETATE GLASSES only reaffirming my bond. For my age, I only knew Sylvester from his career Spy Kids 3D onward, so blown away when I watched the original Rocky I by his talent – acting and writing(!!). I was blessed by this dear franchise. Life is a boxing match. And we learn how to take hard hits. With the exception of the extended kissing scene I skipped (and if I’m being picky the iconography of Jesus since I’m a presbyterian) the original Rocky is a flawless movie. (And NONE OF THE OTHERS are bad.) Also his plastic surgery between Rocky II and III was some of the best facial plastic surgery I’ve seen! And to think it all started because I wanted to watch Creed and David said I had to see some old ones first.

Bleached tips: I love owning all white towels and bed linens, but I’ve noticed lately that my towels’ brightness is fading. And I feel like bleach alone isn’t going to bring them back to life? Do you find bleach makes an actual difference? How do I get my whites really white? Is oxi-clean the real deal? May try it.

Netflix-ing: Although not drummers or musicians at all really, we watched fred armisen: standup for drummers and were charmed. His abilities in voice and body acting are crazy. Some jokes missed on us as non-drummers but lots of fun observations about music and even a tiny bit of enjoyable education.

For the players: We discovered this game, klask, and it has been a hit with every person we’ve played with. It’s like the appeal of a foosball table without having to like, design a room of your house around owning one.

Always hungry: The plates and bowls from our wedding registry have begun dwindling as they get broken over time. I went to bed bath and beyond to buy more for my set and the gal told me they don’t carry sets long term, only a year or two (except some of the very fancy china sets). And that was not cutting it so I’m abandoning those old dudes and want to start fresh with a brand that has a line with a classic white option they always carry. I thought about target, pottery barn, and some others, but settled on ikea! I got new sets from the ikea 365 series which they have had a long time and from my understanding intend to keep indefinitely. I just love stacks on stacks of white dishes.

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  • Carrie

    My friend hangs her whites on a clothes line outside on a sunny day. She swears it is the best way to keep them bright. I haven’t tried it though.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Hm that’s intriguing.

  • Phylicia

    Try OxyClean…it works great for white towels! Just soak the towels overnight, then wash as usual and they’ll look good as new! If your kids use the towels, you might want to do a double wash. My girls have pretty sensitive skin so a double wash after using OxyClean is a must!

    • Rachel Schultz

      That is good to know!

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