June 7, 2018

Through covering this in my instragram stories, I learned there is a devoted, niche movement of people who are VERY INTO power washing. Just how gratifying it is I guess. With our example too it was crazy how much dirt came off of the basketball court. I mean, I thought we were power washing just to remove the paint. And then I see that even the bare concrete parts totally changed color to be way brighter with the dirt removal.

We rented this insane thing for $40. It is a more heavy duty piece than what you might use just to do basic upkeep on say your home exterior.

Power Washing Paint off Concrete

Our strategy was to get it to a place where it was both a status we’d be happy with as is and that it would be prepped for paint if we decide to do that. With using this more intense washer, we knew that if something didn’t come off , it was staying where it was and could be painted over.

David did a first pass with the 25 degree (green) nozzle and then a second pass with the zero degree (red) one. That one is more powerful, but smaller, so it is faster to get anything you can get off with the wider spray. In that picture above you can see the line of cleanliness in the corner for what has and hasn’t had a first pass spray over it!

The power washing itself took about six hours. Then something we didn’t anticipate and definitely learned from was the amount of clean up! There were so many little paint chips in the surrounding grass. If we did it again we might have constructed something to catch them. We waited until the grass was nice and dry and then shop vac-ed them up (which took like, easily eight+ hours). Then we mowed and did another comb through to get everything else.

Power Washing Paint off Concrete Power Washing Paint off Concrete

There is a little greenery that remained, but I don’t mind. I don’t like things looking too perfect, new build-y, and since it is green it just blends in with the mossy woodland vibe of our backyard.

So if I am thinking about painting this concrete, I can’t decide the color. I am good with this, but if I did paint I think it’d be either white or green. Like the shade of a tennis court? Or maybe darker? But white is so fresh I probably won’t be able to resist it.

Soon we are going to put our new backboard up (we need to rent a scaffold). We have been loving our outdoor areas this summer. Sometimes I am hesitant to spend money on it right now because it only gets used half of the year, and maybe interior places needing funds would get more use. But we are having so much fun out here and feeling inspired. Some more possibilities are a hammock, a swing, and maybe making a SECOND table and benches for the sunroom! Because parties. Also there is some stuff for the front porch coming soon!!

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  • Shireen

    How about painting it gray or the floor color on your sun porch?

    • Rachel Schultz

      Oh yes. That’d be pretty and maybe less stark than white.

  • Laura

    Tarps! Very handy! Sorry, we could have warned you.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Haha! Totally! : )

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