June 28, 2018

Is there anything in the entire ambiance world that compares to the twinkle of cafe string lights at night? I feel like I can scientifically observe people’s souls brighten when I turn them on during a party. THEY ARE WHAT I WANT FOR OUTDOOR GATHERING SPACES. And not expensive or hard to install! I bought four packs of these affordable little gems at target. I liked them because they were white and the typical black can definitely look good, but our space isn’t super open so I thought it would feel a little choppy and make things more cramped visually.

With the white ceiling and white lights it’s just like an illusion that the lights fade into the sky and we are all weightless and carefree fireflies.

Hanging Outdoor String Cafe Lights

That’s the simple low bar I set for ambiance! Make people feel weightless and carefree and as if they are a firefly. And the lights like this delivered.

We ran this outdoor extension cord up the corner of the room. For our method for hanging the light strands, we didn’t get too mathematical. First I decided how many times I wanted the lights to drape across the room. (I chose five.)

Hanging Outdoor String Cafe Lights Hanging Outdoor String Cafe Lights

Using these staples, we tacked the cords up. Once they were hanging, a few adjustments were needed to make the light strand end in the right spot. There was some tweaking to perfect our height and spacing. Hanging them up took about one hour or less.

Whenever bulbs were touching each other or the ceiling we just unscrewed that one. That was handy because a few broke and so I could replace them. That would be my own qualm about these lights is they break very easily, so be careful. I wouldn’t do it differently though because that only matters when you’re handling them to first hang them. Now that they’re up the low price for them being super fragile is not a problem.

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  • Beautiful! I am impressed with your work and got some great ideas to decorate my cafe beautifully. Thanks for sharing the wonderful article.

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