January 10, 2019

The most frequently asked question about our finished dining room last week was about the huge art! People wanted to know if I made it myself and the answer is yes. But it is not too hard, and a really good way to create a large scale piece of art for a low price. My goal was to find something for the wall behind the table, and I wanted to use as little budget as possible. I considered some kind of mural, framing some wallpaper, a few shelves, or maybe putting up some mirrored panels.

I saw this piece from textile designer rebecca atwood and it inspired me to go for a vegetable print in an inexpensive way.

Sometimes “diy art” that seems no fail can still look very amateur or bad diy-ed. I included some tips below that I think help make it look more like a professional piece.

The total cost for this enormous 44 x 106 inch piece was about $62. I’m pleased with that number! I made potato prints with acrylic paint on a large piece of muslin fabric. The biggest savings came from how we made our own frame instead of having it put in a glass one. David built it using trim pieces. Then you can staple or hot glue gun the fabric to the back side. The piece will be flimsy, but then we screwed it directly into the wall for it to be totally secure!


Fabric: $16
Yukon potatoes: Like $1, I guess
Acrylic paint: $5
Trim: $27
Light duty staple gun: $10
Staples: $3


  1. Wash fabric and iron to remove any wrinkles
  2. Lay fabric across a flat surface.
  3. Dip quartered potatoes into paint and press several prints onto fabric.
  4. Reload with paint and repeat.
  5. Cut and paint trim to desired size.
  6. Attach pieces together on the back side with a staple gun and 1/4” staples.
  7. Hot glue muslin to back of frame, taking care to prevent dimpling.
  8. Attach frame into wall with a brad nailer.
  9. Spackle and touch up paint nail holes.


  1. I usually would do about five stamps with each loading of paint, but it looks great when there’s variation of pressure and texture, so every few lines and for different sections I would do something a little different – with color, pressure, spacing, or how straight or curved I made my line.
  2. For my shape, I used yellow yukon potatoes and halved them once in each direction.
  3. The colors I used for mixing my shades were delta brand acrylic paint “white,” “waterfall,” “charcoal,” and “midnight blue.” More muted tones are my favorite!
  4. Dab moisture off of potato before using. As it gets messy, replace with a new one. Slight variety in size looks nice. Keep wet wipes on hand!
  5. When assembling frame, shoot the staples into the thickest part of the trim to avoid them popping through the front.

It also is not very time intensive. I believe I worked on the vegetable print part for only about two hours. Not bad, as far as crafting goes.

The rest of the sources for the dining room and the whole budget breakdown are here!

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  • Robin

    I’ve been looking for a more detailed account of how to make this. Did you mix those colors together to make one color and then used the same color on every stamp? Or did you switch colors? Did the grey ones just come from less pressure / less paint or was it a different color?


    • Rachel Schultz

      I used different colors and a variety of pressures of each one!

  • Dani

    Okay so two questions, do you get bleached Muslin fabric and is it see through? I’ve been trying to find it online and there’s bleached and un-bleached options. Also what did you use as the backboard for the Muslin fabric to go against? Should I just use a thick white cardboard against to glue the Muslin against?
    My plan is to frame ours with a glass over it.

    Thank you!!

    • Rachel Schultz

      I got it at a normal fabric/craft store. It is pure white, although they did have off white options. It is a little see through, but mine is on a white wall so not very much. I didn’t put anything on the back of ours, it is just attached to the frame and then the frame is nailed into wall.

  • Chris

    Incredibly neat looking! I’m all for the diy method and generally it’s very cost effective. As in the previous comment, it really brought the entire space together. Great jobs on both of your parts…

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thank you Chris <3

  • What a fun DIY! This is something that I could see kids enjoying even, but the result is so classy! Love it!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Great idea! Thanks Clarissa

  • Anonymous

    Really, really nice! I had no idea you made it but am so glad to find out. In my opinion the art made everything come together–a final touch.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thank you! It’s nice when people don’t know it’s diy-ed!

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