January 14, 2019

This year feels like more of a question mark for some of our goals because what we can do is largely dependent on DOLLARS. But, below I have some loose guiding goals we would hope to get done. Lots of the first floor is at least generally addressed, so something throughout the year is slowly adding and refining details to those areas as I source them or find inspiration.

I feel like the first 75% or 90% of a room is one thing – construction and big furniture choices. Then the rest I end up going slow on to find just the right details!

Now that we are done with most major renovations (except for basement and two bathrooms) it’s a lot more furnishing and decorating than like, hardcore demo. Which is fun! The undertakings feel less life consuming.


Master bedroom: Now that everything on the first floor has been at least touched, I feel like we can do a little something on the biggest priority upstairs, which is making our master nicer. To start it will be just a few things to make it feel not abandoned and more comforting – paint, a little moulding, and a platform bed. I’m saving my pennies for this one. It in particular is funded by when I have petty cash to go toward it.

Dining room: We just finished it!

Kitchen: With the island complete, the only things left for phase two are styling out with a few accessories and building some open shelves for the corner. I’m moderately interested in a stokke high chair, but woof to that price. I’m saying “phase two” is done, but really the only thing left in a “phase three” would be very much luxury things to have that I’d most likely only dedicate money toward if like, the rest of the house is pretty much done. Things like changing out countertops for stone and replacing the backsplash. Actually, it’d be nice to fix the lighting (and have recessed can lights) sooner than that, but that will be several hundred.


Landscaping: With framing our front porch we feel inspired to keep going and make our mostly nothing-done-to-it exterior better. I’d like to start by just lining the front of the house with boxwoods. This should be about $300.

Garden: David likes gardening and he and our children will work on it together, so we want to probably make a raised bed and do some vegetables together this summer.


Build a backboard: We like our basketball pad in our backyard, and with two failed attempts to hang two different backboards (involving renting scaffolding), David decided to make a wooden one, which I am really excited about. Will be cool for backyard’s vibe and we can make it just the size and color we like. Also not too expensive!

Paint our fence: We should probably do this someday. I feel like “priming limbo” is a thing, where you are painting something white and have primed it, and thus kind of achieved the finished look, but it takes you forever to feel motivated to truly finish it with the top coat.


Shelving in mudroom: In preparation for colder months it’d be good to have better organization for receiving all our hats, coats, and bags when we get home or come inside from snow play. Also the more we live with our functional dining room, the more I see the need for this room to be closed storage since we pass through it for dining.

BasementI’d really love (almost need?) to have our basement available for play before going through another winter. We’ll have to do some problem solving for some obstacles.

Doing our master bathroom is such a strong desire, but it will need a lump sum of money dedicated to it and we’d have to see when that becomes available. It’d be part hired out, to convert the shower into a freestanding tub.

One great thing about hiring out is that it can go anywhere in the schedule because we don’t have to do it! And for diy-ers like us it feels crazy easy to just oversee someone and occasionally answer questions!

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  • Katy

    Priming limbo is totally a thing! Our guest bedroom door has been primed for over a year now, haha

    • Rachel Schultz

      Haha ok I am feeling affirmed!

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