March 21, 2019

This post is part of a series I do to write important things I need to tell you about and a mix of homemaker stuff. And let’s be honest, sometimes popular culture BECAUSE I HAVE THOUGHTS. I love doing things by the seasons, so I share one that often. There are some re-occuring categories such as: “netflix-ing,” “unpopular opinion,” “all is vanity,” “into it!,” “good at target,” and “I am not tech-y, but.”

good at targetTARGET is just slaying with this decorative bowl. This would BE the centerpiece I’ve been looking for on our island if it were a color/pattern. Can’t do white for there. Maybe it still could be. Is there a way to DIY paint ceramics?

fellowship-ing: love this little idea for a soup group.

babies, always: I haven’t ever used a bassinet with any of our children, but will someone who is a bassinet person PLEASE BUY THIS and use it for me.

unpopular opinion: I loved reading this book, you who? by rachel jankovic. It’s a way better girl, wash your face that doesn’t insult the female intelligence.

i’m not tech-y, but: This tapestry as art completely stopped me in my tracks. AND THEN I found out it was also covering up a tv and I stood up and slow clapped.

pretty utilitarian things!: I needed another humidifier and found this refreshingly unoffensive looking one on amazon prime for just $35!

hydration nation: my husband had a goal to drink more water and he bought this three liter water bottle for $10 and IMMEDIATELY was able to easily drink 100 ounces a day. I think there’s something about having a bottle that you don’t have to refill that makes it easier to do. You can just have the mindset, I finish this one and then I’m done.

husbandry: also this sauce my husband couldn’t get enough of. It will change you.

into it!: a smart way to walk with a child while pushing a stroller!

insta life: my favorite new to me account I discovered is megan schlachtenhaufen’s @undecorated_home. I think she has the best basement before and after I have ever seen. Maybe one of the best before and afters I’ve seen period. She has completely inspired us to tackle our basement, maybe this summer.

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  • Oh I love your lists!! And also Rachel Jankovic! ;)

    • Rachel Schultz

      <3 Thank you Stacey : )

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