April 11, 2019

It is incredible to me how much this diy changed the room! I think it is my favorite project I have ever done, at least up there in the top five. It was quite fast and made a huge impact. Black and white speckled is one of my all-time favorite prints. It feels a touch glam and looks good with almost everything. I love wallpaper pretty much all the time, but it is always like forty thousand hundred dollars. I thought this simple print would be a perfect time to try and do a hand painted version myself.

(And I will save up to buy harder to diy wallpaper patterns.) At the same time of this project I painted our door black and it also makes the room significantly better. I painted the trim black too without really thinking, and I wondered if I wanted it back white. But for now I am keeping it.

I took a poll on instagram stories and everyone was very split on white or black for the trim.

On the wall first is a crisp white coat of behr “ultra pure white.” I used frogtape’s yellow delicate surface tape because it is safe to put on wood floors or freshly painted surfaces (not yet fully cured). Also sharp lines! The black color is benjamin moore “onyx” and it is a great black for doors. I did an eggshell sheen on the door because I wanted to use the same paint for the dots and my walls are eggshell.

I think the flatness helps it look less painted and more like a wallpaper too. (Paint sheens will always be a little conflicting for me because for looks I love eggshell, but functionally, higher glosses are better for cleaning!)

Before painting my print onto the wall, I experimented on poster board with two different looks. The top is a more uniform polka dots and the bottom is a more varied speckled.

I liked both, but maybe speckled a bit better. And David preferred the speckled too.


  1. One quart black paint in eggshell
  2. A small paint brush
  3. Delicate surface frogtape


  1. Start with a clean and dry surface on your wall.
  2. For my white background, I used behr “ultra pure white” in eggshell.
  3. Tape off border using  delicate surface frogtape.
  4. Hand paint speckles with a small brush. There’s a video saved in my instagram highlights of me doing mine.

Doing the dots on my wall took two and a half hours, plus a little bit for touch ups. It was an easy project to tackle in a day. I put our farmer’s market calendar back up and love it with the print. Although I think so many different types of art and colors would look good with this background.

We are loving spring for MANY reasons, but one thing I like so much is having less big coats we need to pile on our hooks! Our mudroom feels brand new with such a small, very inexpensive project. Only about $20 and three hours time!

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  • Brooke

    What kind of paint brush did you use? Round tip?

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yes. There’s a video of the exact one saved in my highlights on instagram if that helps!

  • Kelly

    This turned out fantastic! I don’t know how you find the time!
    Would you mind sharing where you found the lower level wall hooks, they are just what I was hoping to find for our bathroom! Sorry if I missed it in an earlier post!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Kelly! Yes! The hooks are here on amazon.
      ^There’s a link on the word “here.”

  • Chris W.

    OH – this is so incredibly cute for this area. We’ve done sponge painting in the past with white as the background and a very pale taupe as the design…liked the effect alot. But this is just stunning – love it!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thank you Chris!!

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