February 10, 2020

HONESTLY PROBABLY a “WISH I’D DONE IT SOONER” status although those bug me and bum me out so I try to not think of them! So, I had it in my head that to get cool, slightly historic doorknobs (got to have a faceplate) it was going to be really expensive. Like, $250 a knob. We only have seven doorknobs in our home. Can that be right? Shocking. (Is that low for a house our size? Maybe that’s normal.) So once I realized that, and now since we’re thinking about resale more we try to do things that would help with that now so we can enjoy them even though we aren’t listing yet.

I cracked open just to see where we were coming in on prices and how stylish the options were and woah it’s only like $26 for a solid interior doorknob option with faceplate.

My ideal would probably be a good brass, but good brasses are harder to come by at the big box stores, so instead I go with black/very dark oil rubbed bronzes.

Also there’s a lot more variation of brasses from brand to brand than blacks so it’s easier to mix, which is what we’re doing in a gradual renovation house like ours.

We got a few privacy and a few passage versions. They came, we installed. It is so much nicer! Those details make a big difference. And I wouldn’t say “expensive” is the look I’m going for in my home, but it is kind of the look you go for when selling a house. The older I get the more I like things that feel QUALITY. Our former ones were the chippy old 1980’s brass knobs. SO BAD.

The whole thing, about $200. And it effected like, every room of our house so positively! Is retail upping it’s game the past five to ten years for housewares? I don’t feel like you could have gotten this at home depot seven years ago. And I won’t get started on how far target’s home section has come.

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  • Thank you for this nice sharing. Great post.

  • Your updates look fabulous. When we built our most recent house we designed, I researched, priced and ordered all our hardware and light fixtures. I found great buys for cabinet and door hardware on Ebay at the time, all brand new and name brand for so much less than in store. It was such a money saver and to find exactly what I wanted. Hardware updates really can make a difference.Black was our door and cabinet hardware color of choice this time; it’s so classic and timeless.

    • Rachel Schultz

      That is so smart!

  • Chris W.

    When we bought our house, the “knobs” were the lever style – yuk! And they were bright gold – bigger yuk! So we replaced them all with just ordinary knobs from Home Depot. We ended up going to several locations because we had at least 20 to replace. We clearly have way too many doors and in actuality, several of them were removed before replacing the knobs. We’re so much happier after a pretty huge cash layout and so worth it. Yours are beautiful for your style of home – good choice.

  • Karen

    What did you do about all the door hinges?

    • Rachel Schultz

      Ignored! :)

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