April 27, 2020
Rachel Schultz

This post is part of a series I do to write important things I need to tell you about and a mix of homemaker stuff. And let’s be honest, sometimes popular culture because I’m probably going to always be someone who engages with “the arts” AND I HAVE THOUGHTS. I love doing things by the seasons, so I share one that often. There are some re-occuring categories such as: “netflix-ing,” “unpopular opinion,” “all is vanity,” “a follow,” “into it!,” “good at target,” and “I am not tech-y, but.” All of it is here!

into it!: I just got the cutest recipe card box and I am very happy about it. I think I have settled I’m more of a recipe card box person than a recipe binder person, but we will still see. The binder just feels so big! I used to look up favorite recipes and write them on a sticky note so many times I was like wait, this is the exact purpose and function of a recipe card box.

kitchen kitsch: are you a keep stuff on the kitchen counters or keep no stuff on the kitchen counters person. I am medium. If I had more counters and maybe a part with open shelves I’d keep my blender out permanently and this one is pretty enough to merit that much visibility.

i’m not tech-y but: we got a new sound speaker that is good looking and vintage feeling and timeless and great sound quality (not that i can actually tell) and i have CAPITAL “L” loved it. Using different tones of music at different times can give such shape to the day.

bookishI don’t normally put children’s books on my goodreads but I had to give Alligators and Music a five star because I loved it so much!

pretty utilitarian things: when you finally just purchase that thing (that really wasn’t that expensive) that improves the quality of a part of your life.

for the children: an a+ kids room.

just a little book recommend: the above recipe is a strawberry cake from the cookbook super simple – one of my favorites!

sourdough, i guess: after hearing this book recommended from several different sources as the one to get to learn sourdough (with minimal kneading), i purchased. maybe i’ll do sourdough. maybe i won’t right now. but i thought it’d be good to have at some point for me or my daughters. right now i feel satisfied with my life of baking with commercial yeast but i’ll hear her out.

a follow: the @arrowsandbow instagram account is sharing their home renovation right now and it feels productive and fast moving and i am living vicariously.

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